How much would cost to develop app game like clash of clans


I would like to know how much does it cost, to develop app game like clash of clans and similar need idea of cost since clash of clans game isn’t that great to be honest. I want to develope really great game. I think clash of clans might costed like 20k$ to get developed. Let me hear your opinions.


I think it depends on your game.If its a very Interesting & exceptional than it will cost more.

It’s really difficult to say how much would it cost to develop a game like Clash of Clans. For example it cost €100K (about $140K) to develop Angry Birds. That was back in 2009. Consider that a game similar to Clash of Clans would take more development time than Angry Birds.

I would say that the development cost of such game is much higher than $20K, probably $200K is a more realistic budget. Of course it might be possible to create a Clash of Clans clone with $20K but it will be nowhere near the original game when it comes to gameplay, polish of graphics and general quality of the game.

Another important thing is to understand that development cost is not the only expense but also you have to take care of marketing and maintenance. For multiplayer games like Clash of Clans the server maintenance costs can be quite significant.

$20k might be enough for the programming part of the app. But there is a lot of more work on such game than just that. Graphics, animations, voices. And there is the server side to do too which adds constant cost to the equation.
The cost would depend on country though. I suppose if you could gather a team in a poor country $20k might be enough at least till release - maintaing it would cost more.

The development cost is definitely closer to $200k than $20k. I ve read somewhere that Supercell works in cells of 7 people… Let say 7 people worked for 6 months with a monthly income of $5.000 (they are Finnish), thats $210k, plus all the fixed costs, marketing, etc etc etc…

In Poland they would require only about $60k for a similar 7 person team. :slight_smile: So it depends. And making a clone would be much cheaper (less time spend on design for example).

20k maybe in india

I think as you thought it will be $20 so its ok.

You’re looking at $200k, EASY.

I know because I’ve owned these types of games and sold them as businesses before clash of clans and other started dominating the charts. The hardest part is taking care of community and cheating assholes. Customer service becomes your job, not game creation

I guess it based on how many people are working on it, how fast should it be done.
If you are working fast so you are looking for great tools / software which helps you finish your small processes faster. Clash of clans I guess should be cost arround 200k - 500k. This is not only the game. It has also server and server based softwares also which need to created. Database programming and much more.

If you developed an app, you might want to know how much money you can make if you get it to the top rating of the app store. This rating will not offer a firm prediction though, as the top apps may or may not use in-app purchases as their business model. For those that do, revenue figures vary greatly. I might say that it could be done for quite a bit less then $1m. I was the tech lead on a top 10 iOS game for my company and there is no way it cost $1m to make. Probably in the range of $200-$250k. Granted the art in Clash of Clans is better then ours which is going to help drive up the price a fair amount.

Well, getting a game developed exactly like clash of clans is going to exceed 20K$ and I would say the figure are again going to increase if you want to adds up more feature over it ! Anyway I would say instead of copying things from castle of clash I would say why don’t you try working over with your own concepts because I am sure you must be aware that castle of clash is already one of the most popular game having a number of user round the globe means castle of clash isn’t going to work out more for sure I would say better would be work out with your own concepts ! But again I would say if you are confirmed enough that you’re application is going to make a stand out amongst other’s them only I would advise you to moving forward with the current though of the work.

You know that famous saying? “Im not rich enough to buy something cheap?”
Dont invest money in India :slight_smile:


You’d need to spend a lot of money developing but the most expensive part would actually be marketing? They are reporting revenues of 2.4 million dollars per day. You can only get at that level with consistent and expensive marketing: The $2.4 Million-Per-Day Company: Supercell - Forbes

I would point out they have spent over 60 million USD just in Marketing. Ofc…they are making much more.

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My experience of Indian developers is that they are just like computers. Tell them EXACTLY what you want and they’ll do it PERFECTLY and at a good price. However, you have to know exactly what YOU want.

My experience dumb user is that they always blames the “stupid computer”, just like a anyone who has had a bad experience getting work done by other people. If you can’t explain what you want how are they supposed to do the work properly?!

Where do you get these Indians and how much do you pay them. I’ve seen a few on ODesk but most aren’t all that much cheaper then other countries.

Create game like this: 20-50k$
Support: unlimited cost
Make it clash of clans popular: $100k-$150k, they had CPI campaing in yeahmobi, mundomedia, mobpartner, sponsormob and paid 25cents for each install, you need to get some 50k-100k daily installs to get into ranks (some 7 days), after this period, you are constantly lowering your campaings budget to transform into organic traffic only.

@ramzixp, you under-estimated it a lot. $20,000 - $50,000 for development of clash of clans? Median Java / Android developer salary in US is $70k, in Germany its like $50k. You think one person could develop it all in less than one year? The server, the client, synchronisation, scalability, design the GUI and everything, and do all the animations and the graphics? No way. I think $50k is accurate for the graphics and the animations, without any coding.
According to Chart rush: Making of Clash of Clans | Pocket | PGbiz there were 5 - 8 finnish developers till the first release, and it took them ~6 months, at least they state so but that means they’re either really good and experienced developers, or it took longer than they said. They’re finnish, and average developer salary there is like $90k. So I think it took like ~$300k. If they had developers in a cheaper country, e.g. something in eastern europe, they probably could get it done in ~$150k, but getting a team that will develop it under a year with this quality is a challenge.