How much time did it take for your app to reach 1st million downloads?

Also how many active users you have now and how much u make?

I never reached 1 Million downloads, but the highest I got is an app with 300k. It took me a year to get there :stuck_out_tongue:

For me, it took around half year to reach 1st million in single app, retention rate was like 30-40% that time, now left 10-15%. Due to nature of my app, active users are just new downloads, old users won’t use my app again. About earning, 3 digits USD per day during peak time, now just single digit.

Hi shuiwo. How about your total earnings now? Do you see sharp drop also?

I have 2 apps reached 1 mil downloads in 8 months and 12 months…The retention I have is every 40 of 100 users kept my app in their phones…presently I make 300$ from those two apps and I have some apps which have 100 thousand downloads…etc

Yes, sharp drop.

can i see your apps ?

OP doesn’t have any apps

Even I got, I won’t share any. You can go to play store top free section to know what apps can reach 1m+