How much should I be making?

Hey all!

I have about 600-700 daily active users and am making about 15 dollars monthly from ads.
Is this realistic?
What are you guys earning?


That’s horrible imho. Lets say you get 10 impressions from each user. That’s 6000 impressions a day, if we say that eCPM is 1$ which is realistic in this case you should be earning 6 USD a day which is about 180 USD a month. Even if you get only 1 impression per user you should be earning at least 18 USD.

I guess it depends on situation whether thats normal or not. I would say either your users barely use your app/game or you have terrible monetization solutions. Or maybe you are dealing with some sketchy ad network. Or maybe your users are horrible. IDK man.

I have :

  • 94,949 : Impressions
  • 1395 clicks
  • Impressions CTR 1.47%
  • EARNINGS : $37

is this normal ???



It actually a service app so there is minimal in-app interaction. This could be a reason I guess.
I am using Airpush. I know its not the most popular choice.
According to analytics I had 154 000 unique screen views last month, 7695 users. According to my ad network dashboard, I got 33000 impressions and CPM of $0.36 last month.

Do you think I should change my ad-network?

yes. airpush has at least 15-20 antivirus flags, just go upload any APK with airpush to and you’ll be shocked @ how many antivirus apps flag it as a trojan …and if you have an anti virus installed and install an airpush app you will get a big warning box before installing, it sucks

Yes I know. I started getting a lot of 1 star reviews because of that. But luckily they updated the SDK and the problem is gone now. I wonder if I’ll earn more if I switch to something thats more mainstream though like Admob.

it’s not gone. 9.0 is just as bad as their old SDK. Upload a airpush 9.0 SDK app to …you get 10+ virus flags

wow, I just did it and you’re right. Got like 8 flags. But what would be a good alternative to this network also I fear not all my users would update so I might lose revenue if they are scattered between two networks.

I recommend you to switch your ADS Network. I would recommend you try Chartboost, i am using their network for almost 1 year, and i was making 700-1300$ / month with 7k-30k impressions daily and an install rate of 3-5%. This is way better than any other networks i have tried so far.

Hi, guys!
The 15 dollars from ads monthly is terrible, you would have to get more revenue if you promote your app with effective methods. I recommended the ASOTOP1(a reliable app store optimization company), which can provide the service to boost your app ranking with increasing app keywords search installs and getting high app ratings from real users. Your app can get more revenue and organic traffic with their services. Hope it can help you a lot!

Since it’s not a game,go with admob.
They may not have the highest CPM but their fillrate is awesome.
Are your ads banners or interstitial?
I’ll always recommend you go with interstitial ads that show at specific points

Thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it!