How Much Money We Can Make with Reward Video Ads in Our Games

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Found this video from YouTube about using Reward Video ads in game. From my personal experience I’ve also seen some good impact from reward videos. It kinda keeping users in your game. On the other hand Ad Revenue is something that makes your users to leave your game. Interesting yeah?


Check out this video friends. Share your experience and thoughts. Would love to hear some. Thanks.

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That’s a great video. I was listening to a AppMasters podcast where they talked about rewarded video. They said the most profitable ads (in terms of how much you get per ad) are in this order. Banner, Interstitial, Rewarded Video.

Which Video ?
Please share the link

Please share the link

Please share the link

it’s just a sample video, but his candidness makes me want to signup for his other videos. I think a subscription to his other full videos is only like $3 a month or something. Not sure if I would have time to consume his videos to get value out of it. meh

At any case - the opinion in the podcast is right. There is a lot to be said about rewarded videos, but the main 2 things are - it keeps the users in the game (increases retention) and the eCPM’s are usually the highest.

totally agre with podcast,
but you could tell and more