How much money do you make with each app?

I have Admob integrated and I make about 4 USD per app. Each app has about 500 installs daily.
I think it would be interesting if we could exchange some thoughts about how to maximize the revenue per app. In my own experience, I found out that asking the users to rate the app can really boost the app rating, and that will help with the downloads.

4 USD for 500 daily installs? How many installs are actually coming from the ads?

Also, do you monetize your users in other ways, or is your app paid? i.e. do you feel that boosting your rating and getting more downloads that way adds much to your revenue, or are you bringing is users who download the app for free directly from Google Play and don’t pay you anything.

Here are stats for my 2 apps - as you may know Daily Install (or New Users) and Daily Active Users (DAU) - which is New Users plus returning users (who may return after one or more days to your app - and so is a fraction of your total installed base) - seem to vary by day of the week (rising around weekend).

This is related probably to the dominant cycle of work/holiday in most countries.

If you look at the hourly behavior - you will ALSO see a cycle - where installs/active users PER HOUR will also vary by time of day - probably influenced by the dominant cycle of work/sleep of U.S. (since has most installs) - in any case each country will have it’s own cycle - and is perhaps a bit like sum of sine waves - which even if you have delay in time between them - will sum to a sine wave (look up the math on addition of sine/cosine functions).

So you will for most apps see cyclic behavior on an hourly level which has 24 hour cycle - and on a daily level which has a weekly cycle.

I will give current New Install/DAU figures for one app which is typical for my two apps (based on figures from AppBrain - maybe some variation between figures from AppBrain and Google Analytics):

New Installs:

Weekend: 2200 per day
Non-weekend: 1600 per day

Risen from that after 3 weekends to (since app been rising):

Weekend: 3000 per day
Non-weekend: 2400 per day

Looking at Daily Active Users (DAU):

Weekend: 3500 per day
Non-weekend: 2700 per day

Risen from that after 3 weekends to (since app been rising):

Weekend: 4500 per day
Non-weekend: 3700 per day

So you can see how an app which is rising every day somewhat (these days - it could fall some weeks later) can have these patterns.

If you look at DAU minus New Installs - you will get an estimate of the Recurring Users (i.e. users who installed the app PRIOR to today but are using it again after N number of days):

Recurring Users:

Weekend: 1300 per day
Non-weekend: 1100 per day

Risen from that after 3 weekends to (since app been rising):

Weekend: 1500 per day
Non-weekend: 1300 per day

For some apps, if the New Installs are STAGNANT (i.e. not improving week after week), you could STILL see a rise in Recurring Users - and that might happen for example if you have improved the app - and more users are choosing to come back to your app (so greater fraction of your installed base of users are coming back to your app - thus raising the DAU).

Now for revenues (this will depend heavily on the type of app - mine is a short-usage app - typical usage time is 45 seconds (!) from Google Analytics - for an app like Word Hero or word game apps the user session length will be MUCH higher and thus each user potentially more likely to click on an ad etc.):

This app uses Admob banner ads - and occasional AppLift AppBrain banner ads (small fraction) - and uses Admob Interstitials as the only interstitial (I can switch between this and a few other interstitial ad sources like Leadbolt HTML AppWall - which isn’t paying that well these days so I’ve shut that off for now) - and this allows earning of about:

$5 from Admob
$1 from AppBrain

Obviously the weaknesses in this app are that:

  • user session is EXTREMELY short (if user could be engaged 2x longer - it could possibly 2x ad revenue ?)
  • could try to improve app - which may increase ratings/reviews and attract more users to download the app AND then retain it (leading to rising installed base and then eventually higher DAU for the same New Installs - and even more if New Installs are increasing)

Hi, from my game with AdMob 60+k downloads, I got ~600 USD in 3 months. I do not know is it bad or is it good :smiley:

This is very good. Each month you receive 200 USD. This is 6.67 USB per day. A good number considering Admob.