how much money can i make if my app makes 1 million views a month

how much money can i make if my app makes 1 million views a month

if i use only admob or if i use mediation with other networks

Apps do not make “views”. Android application != website.

well i am new to android development what i ment to say was if my app gets ad impressions about million times what can be the estimated earning.

If you use interstitials between $500 and $3000. It really depends on the timing you show your ad. Also on the countries your userbase is from. If you show an ad every 5 minutes you generate more money per impression than showing it every 2 minutes, but also decreses you total amount of impressions shown.
There are also some other factors like the ad network you use. It’s difficult to say.

I have the same issue. What I do is I simply have several ad networks integrated and when I show an ad, I check if, say, chartboost has an ad available, and if not I use another ad. This solves the problem of fill-rates.

I am on similar approach these days.
I have been using admob banner/interstitials and suffering low fill rates.
My question is that after how many ad request failure you try another network.

I am planning to try 2 times and then send ad request to another network.
Please suggest.

Well, I simply send a request to all of the networks at the start of the game, and if when I need to display an interstitial at a point one isn’t loaded I use another one

Which is your main ad network and backfill network?

currently I use adMob and chartboost - if both are loaded I select one at random, if not the one which is loaded. Also planning on trying unity ads and applovin tin the future. (I’m still experimenting - earning around 10$ per day currently)

Yesterday i made around $203
From following stats

Impressions:- 312,000
ctr:- 1.73%
cpc:- 0.072
fill rate:- 73%

is it normal earnings from above stats?
i feel like 73% fill rate is not good and i am loosing some $$.

Requeast others here to share fill rate please.

I use admob banner/interstitial ads

yes, 73% is way too low. If you use several backup networks you can have 90-100% fill rate.
203$ per day is really awesome - if not a secret, what apps did you create?

Well i spoke to admob guy for this fill rate and they told me to share the code snippet of ads.implementation to know whats causing the low fill rate.

In my code,i am requesting the ads immediately inside onAdFailedToLoad() and they told me that i must put some delay of 7 seconds before requesting another ad after the failure to improve the fill rate.
It sounded nonsense for me.

So i am planning for new network.

Anyone can suggest goid network for banner/full.

It took 2 years for me to get this awesomeness. 3-4 months per app/game.

I mentioned in another thread about the type of apps and games.

Its streaming/storage/media apps/games


I hope you would be able to give Airpush a try. Our new 360 banner ads are highly engaging to users with solid CPMs and fill rate. Our SDK also includes call back listeners, so if we are unable to fill a campaign, you can cascade down to another network to fill that request. With our bundle 1 SDK, you can fully monetize each of your users with our pay per install ad type (up to $0.04 per new USA user install and agreement opt in) along with CPMs on ads.

Shoot me a PM to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Yes, I might give a try. but i am only looking for banners and interstitual ads with good cpm and fill rates.

I do not want any pay per install.

With our Standard SDK, you can use those individual ad units without needing the pay per install business model.

Airpush Nick

Will integrate Banners/Interstitials from airpush along with other networks as well.

could you give breakup of banner and interstitial also ad types and bid types

I use admob banner and interstitials only.

Fill rate is effected for both ad types. I mentioned fill rate as average.

Bid is $0.01 i think

i wanted to know how many impressions do you get for interstitials and banners respectively and what is the break up in revenue terms .

Do you mean that impressions.and break up might effect the fill rate?

You had asked me ad types and bid rates only in previous post.