How much is "Getting featured" worth ? (Answer inside)

[WordHero] was featured as follows:

  1. Indies section
  2. Main page (old format)
  3. Indies section (rerun several times)

You might not realize it, but in the old version, ‘getting featured’ was HUGE. From memory, it worked like this:

  • week1: splash image goes on top in large format
  • week2: splash image moved down 1 slot, still on main page
  • week3: splash image reduced to 1/2 size and moved down 1 slot each week
  • week4: featured in ‘Puzzles’ category as large splash screen
  • week5: moved down 1 category
  • week6: 1/2 size

Soo… 6 weeks of being highlighted by Google = crazy promotion. They don’t do that any longer.

It would be interesting to see the daily installs graph for the same period. As I have started to understand the market more, I have observed that 10000+ daily downloads is what any indie should look for.

Those periods shown are over a week each (except the main feature, which is spelled out). So you can calc the daily install rate.

Legit. Thanks!

So they don’t feature on main page anymore? Or what is the old way you are referring to?

Top Apps US costs $80K.

acording to stats-80K enough only for the indie catw

acording to stats-80K enough only for the indie cat, now

thx for sharing, man!
net income?
May I ask to throw link to Your blog by pm?
Did You get a dream “to not work for a this big man”?
Hey, man, it’s very interesting: does it cost to forget
of family for a long time (no more than year, yeah?)
till get success?
I’m does not told you for some kind of fucking spammy app, like many of this phorum does, I’m asking of true:
Do You search for fulltime work or You preparing new fucking hit? :wink:

Did Google Translate just add some new slang dictionaries to their translation services ?

Yeah… I wondered the same thing… except even Google Translate’s English is not that bad :frowning:

  1. I won’t tell you the net income.
  2. I don’t have a blog. No time.
  3. No.
  4. Yes.
  5. No, I am preparing my next app.