How much download an app need to be earn 50$ atleast a day?

Hello frnds,
I am an a new developer from india .I have just joined to google play developer console.I just curious about how much download an app need daily to be earn atleast 50$ per day.

from 10k to ∞

10k daily. And mmmkkksss send ur app link plz

Do you really think that you will get app links so easily here so that other people will make another copy/paste of the idea?

i think noone will share the app link here as long as App has very very lews downloads and need forum advertisement.
App is highly successfull and do not care any noise.

500 download with +60% us traffic

This number is no where near accurate, please provide your data to support this as it gives eager developers unrealistic expectations.

on my last apps using only admob banner and interstitials with spam/fake apps, I used to make 1€/50 downloads.
with 2500 downbloads it would be 50€!

about installs it differs. if you have like 40% US Traffic it’s 27,309 impressions = $20 with admob, but with startapp you get $20 with just 20.000 impressions.
I can say with 1000 installs per day you should start getting $20 per day… but it’s very important that you get traffic from good ri$$ch countries.

Our Publisher’s w/ 1,000-10,000k installs see about $50 earnings a day with our network, but they are usually sending about 50-75K+ impressions daily (55%+ from US, UK, CA, or Australia tho, 40% international). Depends too on your app, i.e. channel b/c we have different high paying advertisers in each vertical.

for me it’s about 5k - 7k downloads and 20k -> 30k impression

in my own experience, I reached $50/day mark when my installs reached 1500-3000 downloads/day. This is for all apps combined and not just for 1 app.