How much does TOP GROSSING Apps on Google Play India earns daily?

Hello everyone

I am really eager to know how much games like Teen Patti earns per day. It has been staying in the top position (only in Google play India) for a while now. How much does that really make per day.??

Is it something like 2 million USD per day. or 1 million or 10000 rupees. Generally, as far as I know, 90% people in India don’t spend money on apps

2 million USD? You gotta be kidding me. I don’t know about Indian Apps but someone earning 2 million USD per day is going to be the next father of Google. :slight_smile:

Supercell the company which made the game clash of clans is making $3.7+ million per day and it’s only growing day by day. Only clash of clans has more than 30 million daily active users(yes daily not monthly or yearly). King has spent more than $300 million on advertising
I can give you a lot of info about how much the big companies are making but I am too lazy to type [emoji39]

Please share it man

Actually I wanted to know about Indian games. Because I want to know whether there is any scope of earning money from in-app-purchase. The app is similar card game.

Mostly only people from sub continent will play that

Clash of clan alone make 3.5 million USD per day. Adding boom beach and hay day, Supercell’s earnings are nearly 6 million USD per day.

Yeah they will be having 6 to 7 million usd earnings per day.

Are those real figures, or were they just plucked out of the air?

Lol, you get a point there, I think you need to give some proof.

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