How much do you charge for you app?

I have been playing around of the pricing for my paid apps and I found that it doesn’t make much difference if I charge 2.99 or 0.99. At the end of the day I earned more or less the same.

There were more sales at 0.99 but the total at the end was the same as when I charged 2.99 (less sales)

So now I just left it at 2.99. I figured I might as well keep the basic version users who wouldn’t pay 2.99 for ad monetization

How much so you charge and have you played with the pricing to get to that figure?

2,5$ for apps and 1,55$ for Live wallpaper apps. The strange thing is the the prices seem to be lower on iOS. The standard price seem to be only 1$ there, which makes Android much more profitable for my company.

i tried the same thing -$1 and $3 - same earning at the end of the month with either price

Same here, I used to charge $1.5 so that after Google’s 30% cut I’d get roughly $1 per sale.
Dropped to 99c, and found that sales increased, but overall income for the month remained about the same…
The difference in monthly sales would not dramatically effect ad monetization, so really it makes no difference to me if I set the price at $1.5 or 99c.

I’m currently considering dropping the paid versions, and instead offer IAPs to decripple certain functions in the free apps. That way the users still get full functionality, and I still get ad monetization from users that want the ‘full features’.
I think users are used to seeing non intrusive banner ads, so paying for ‘full features’ and still seeing banners would not deter them.