How much could I expect to earn with 1000 installs

I’ve created a new android app (deals/coupons kind of app similar to hotukdeals), the app is totalling 1000 installs but running with no ads in the current version.

is it worth it to add ads in the next version? and how much could I expect to earch per month on average? (I don’t have usage number but I think it could be used 5-10 minutes per day by each user)

Standard eCPM is around $1.25 for active installs in my apps. If you have 1000 active installs you can expect $1-$1.5 per day, totalling around $40 per month given you have similar eCMP.

Yup. It looks for me almost 100% like that

  1. I am getting 800-900 downloads daily in my App.

  2. running admob banners and interstitials.

  3. Making 7-8$ daily with average eCPM of 0.6$

Why didn’t you put ads from the beginning. users will be surprised to see ads in a next update.

So you made an actual free app :slight_smile:

This is my first app, so I didn’t want to ruin the user experience by adding ads and maybe attract bad reviews.

100% free :slight_smile:

IMHO ads make no sense for this kind of apps.

If your app is similar to hukd and has 1000 active (daily?) users already, I’d strongly suggest implementing the most obvious and most lucrative monetization model: CPA offers.
Even if it’s a community driven platform, you can sign up for different affiliate programs and have the deal links automatically replaced by your referral links.

This will keep users happy as they aren’t distracted by ads and make you even happier as the revenue from sales / conversions will be much higher than your revenue from advertisements.