Making Money with Android

How much can a dev realistically expect to make from 50k active users?

I know, this question is very vague.
I only want a guess based on your experience.

50k active users, ~ 25k daily (admob) banner impressions, 2-3k interstitial impressions.

The app has cooking recipes, banner on top, interstitial on back press.
What would be a an average earning amount for an app with these stats?

17 to 20 dollors

It all comes down to your eCPM, which comes down to your geo sources, ad placement, refresh rate (banner), ad frequency (interstitial) and of course CTR.

Tell us your eCPM for banner and interstitial, along with the information I listed. Then we can give you an idea of what to expect and how to get the best results.

it was the very long long target for me…as my game now not more than 100 download :(:frowning:

Then this would become a math problem. :slight_smile:
I can do math.

I’m making like 10$ daily, 20-40 cent eCPM, CTR 0.5-2% refresh rate 65 second …

I think it’s a little low, which is why I wanted to know how much others are making with similar stats.

Well I wouldn’t go higher than your 65 seconds refresh rate. You could try it a little lower like 45-50 to see if you earn more that way. (DO NOT MEASURE VIA eCPM WHEN CHANGING REFRESH RATES THOUGH).

CTR of 0.5%-2% is what most people get. What’s the actual average you get?

$0.20-$0.40 eCPM can be good or bad, it depends on the geos you traffic is from. Can you supply your main countries?

$25 for banner + $10-$15 for interstitials

That is if your traffic comes from Tier 1 countries.