How many Unity developers are there ? Which ad networks you use ?


How many Unity developers are there on this forum ?
Which ad networks you use ?
Which is the easiest to integrate ?


I develop with Unity. Using adbuddiz, appsponsor, appnext, revmob and chartboost for interstitials. Integration is simple for all of these.

For banners I’m using MoPub. You need to complile open-source Unity plug-in for this network. It is a little tricky so you might want to consider another banner network to integrate.

Banner: admob Fullscreen: Mobvista

Hi Bhavin,

Just to let you know that Airpush just released a new Native Unity 3d Plugin along with Adobe, Xamarin, Corona for our SDK. These are quick and easy to integrate with our new SDK.

Plugins for Airpush Android SDK -

Please LMK if you have any questions or want to chat.


Hi Unity Developers,

Mobario too has a Unity Plugin that will keep your users in your game at least 4 times longer by enabling them to multitask with other apps/widgets on their device while in your game!!!

We are the highest pay network by offering a few different methods of earning. Earn up to $100 per 1000 downloads, and bonuses of up to $600.

Always here to help,
Mobario Man