How many re-skins of one game per account?


I’m about to release a new puzzle/memory game, and I wonder, how many re-skins would be acceptable for one account? I thought that I’d limit myself to 3-5 re-skins.

I’d love to hear your ideas, opinions, or suggestions. :slight_smile:


Make the skin switchable inside the app. Sell premium skins for in app purchase. Bam – unlimited skins without fear of the Google ban hammer, plus a new revenue source.

Otherwise: zero. Don’t spam the market.

Thanks, Skurry. I’m from an “unsupported” country, so I can’t sell anything on GP yet. :frowning: But it’s a good idea, for sure. If the app will go well, I’ll open a bank account in Austria, so I’ll be able to do IAP then, and I’ll re-do this game.

I’ll stick with 3 re-skins then. I see many big publishers, who have 2-3 re-skins on the same account (wallpapers, memory games, puzzle games, etc.).

I think you shouldn’t do even one re-skin - but you could make a few very similar games/apps that have different theme but also a little different gameplay and rules - for example one game might require beating time, another solving puzzles, one can have random levels, the other campaign with predesigned levels etc…

I understand you guys. The reason I asked is because I see so many devs (especially on iTunes) which have on one account many re-skins of the same game - an no-one is as strcik as Apple. :slight_smile:

I also see many devs on GP having 5 or more versions of the same app (wallpaper - oceans, landscape, animals,… it’s the same stuff, but with different pictures). I’s the same with many puzzle/brain games.

I’m just saying what I see, however, I am aware of GP’s policy “do not post repetitive content”. But there are no further explanations.

What if I do a re-skin and publish the game on my GF’s account? She has a few apps already on it. The code would be the same, obviously, but that should not be a problem, I think.

What’s your opinion?


I think you should just re-theme apps. Basically use the same code and get entirely new graphics made + adding in a few new or better features…

I say after the 2nd or third re-skin you need to make gameplay changes by then

Thanks. I’ll do one re-skin, with added features, and that’s it. Then I’ll re-publish the games on my GF’s account with changed images only.