How many ratings before your game got regular downloads

I know many developers do rate exchanges and post on social media to boost thier download numbers. How many ratings do you usually need or get before downloads are more organic.

I’m not convinced ratings affect organic downloads that much (well lots of bad ones might). I think getting high up on the new boards and having an app that people will carry on using are key (I’m still trying to reach that golden egg)

Ratings are only a very small part of the equation. You want to have as many downloads as possible right after publishing the app. Best way is to have them split over a couple of days. Hopefully, these downloads will generate some good reviews. Google will also look at your churn rate (how many ppl uninstall your app). I found the best way to boost a good game to receive organic downloads is to first push it very hard through ads. The initial base should than grow organically.

App downloads are important to app developers indeed, but you have to know that app ratings can affect the installs of your app. Therefore, getting more app ratings means that getting more app installs. About the methods of get app ratings, advertising on some social media is an effective method. In addition, there are some other methods for you:

  1. invite your friends and relatives to help you

  2. incentivize users to leave app ratings

  3. hold a campaign

  4. buy app ratings if you have enough budget