How many of you reeady to port apps to amazon

  1. Admob never runs promotion like amazon ads is running (gauranteed $1.5 ecpm on banner ads for March and April)
  2. Manual review of each app for their kindle devices
  3. Adnetworks which work well for amazon store: Amazon ads for banner and Chartboost for full screen and pollfish/mobimicro as supplementary networks. Right now amazon store is U.S. focused but it gains apps, should attract more attention.

Let’s port all our apps and games to amazon store and make it as comparable to play store. Google seriously needs some competition after banning via algorithm and giving us sleepless nights.

I have written code to detect if device has play store installed and then invoke appropriate ad network for play store and amazon store. Here it is:

	private static final String GooglePlayStorePackageNameOld = "";
	private static final String GooglePlayStorePackageNameNew = "";

	boolean isGooglePlayAvailable() {
	    PackageManager packageManager = getApplication().getPackageManager();
	    List<PackageInfo> packages = packageManager.getInstalledPackages(PackageManager.GET_UNINSTALLED_PACKAGES);
	    for (PackageInfo packageInfo : packages) {
	        if (packageInfo.packageName.equals(GooglePlayStorePackageNameOld) ||
	            packageInfo.packageName.equals(GooglePlayStorePackageNameNew)) {
	            return true;
	    return false;

       if(isGooglePlayAvailable()) {
          //call play store ads
       } else {
         //call amazon store ads

Do share your views.

I appreciate your sharing , Yes we need to build some competition for GP ,
I think Nokia X will be a good horse in this race too

I try to support Amazon Store as well as Google Play right now - they made one of my games a free app of the day and it boosted my downloads there quite significantly (still much behind Google Play, but since users are mostly from USA it might earn me more per user than on Google Play). I am considering also adding Amazon IAP to my games soon. Amazon Ads are quite good too, but the fillrate is of course very low. I hope to get on Fire TV in the future.

Nokia X on the other hand… I have put two of my most popular apps there and got… 3 downloads in a month. No comment.

I never signed up for the amazon store because their contract when the store opened had some unusual terms. One of the big things I didn’t like is that you have to agree to release new versions of your app before or at the same time you release to any other app stores. I don’t know what the consequences would be if you released a new version to another store and didn’t update on the amazon store. But I have heard some developers complain that amazon sent them an email demanding they update their apps. Usually the developers had no idea what they had agreed to.

I’ve also heard some developers complain that their paid apps were featured as a free app of the day and got thousands of downloads that day, that they didn’t recieve one cent from and the next day they maybe got a few dozen downloads. You also agree to let them do this at their will when you agree to their terms.

Regarding updates: I have long updated my apps on play store. Amazon does send a reminder update app on their store once in 6 months but its my choice to do so.
Paid as free app: Its your choice again. When uploading the app, there is a checkbox saying “consider free app of the day” program.Simply uncheck it if you don’t want to.

There are no consequences, you can just ignore these e-mails - I do for most of my older apps.

I’ve also heard some developers complain that their paid apps were featured as a free app of the day and got thousands of downloads that day, that they didn’t recieve one cent from and the next day they maybe got a few dozen downloads.

It is you choice to participate, you can back out of free app of the day at any time - they contact you before and discuss what needs to be changed etc. In my case the game sold 5 copies per day before the promotion. After the promotion it was 100, then slowly dropped to about 10 per day (a month later) - I think it was worth it especially since downloads of the rest of my apps on Amazon rose about 4 times (since I have a “more apps” button in the promoted game).

I have uploaded some apps to amazon app store but on amazon you get very low app downloads :frowning:
and their developer portal is not so good

This issue is regarding the number of devices. Android as such has grown as a monster and Amazon kindle is a subset of it so what you said is expected.
But still its nice to have installs and revenue coming from alternative sources without much work.

Also on Amazon you sometimes get very little downloads and then suddenly a lot. It’s worth to have all your apps just in case some get noticed during Christmas period for example (when there is a lot of traffic on Amazon always).

hell yeah I am ready, to blast some puzzle tile apps and some coloring book apps, and maybe some construct2 games. Don’t think live wallpapers will do good there as I only got 100 downloads in the past year on one I tested.

Quick question - has anyone tried to make their app free from paid on amazon? I have the app as paid and I would like to make it free. From the dashboard I have seen it is possible - had anyone done this?
Thank you! :slight_smile:

Is the amazon store able to autotransfer your apps from the play store like opera and some other places do?

I don’t want to update right now.

Anyone has experience, please let know how can I receive revenue from Amazon Mobile Ads?

Hey, just wanted to chip in. We use Amazon Ads (they pay via wire transfer, by the way), with a $1.33 eCPM / 88% fill rate, 1.4% CTR. (this is for US, we don’t display Amazon Ads elsewhere). By the way, you can display Amazon Ads on ALL Android devices, not just the ones that have Amazon Appstore installed. You just need to have the same app on Amazon Appstore as well.

Also, Amazon is good for us in terms of IAP. They pay much more than Google Play users.
In terms of downloads, they vary very much daily. We go from just 20 day to more than 200 the next day and so on. Weird.

My new game is Amazon first. It qualified for Amazon Developer Select, and they already have scheduled an ad campaign with 0.5 million impressions in June, at no cost to me. I’m really looking forward to seeing what it will do.

Other reasons: Amazon pays out on time like clockwork, regardless of how small the amount is. A forum where real Amazon employees answer your questions, and take the time to test your app themselves. When was the last time you got an answer from a real Google person? Their SDK is much easier to implement than Google Play Games Services. Your achievements can earn players experience points and players can earn badges. They give promo coins to their users, which they can use to buy your app and/or IAPs, and you as the developer get hard cash.

Can’t wait for the Amazon phone to come out. I really hope they’re going to give Google a run for their money.