How many of you makes $1000 a day [Game Apps][Simple Games]

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As thread subject says all, i would like to know how many of you guys earns $1000 daily or even more, i would like to know this, i’m totally new in this market and i would definetly want to try making money with apps! :slight_smile:

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Try first to get $10 a day, then aim for $1000

Hi Mac,

I just wanted to know how many of people earns $1000 daily and even more, because i can see big potential in this market :slight_smile:

Hi Steffan Max,

Cool! do you earn with free or paid apps? or even both? also what kind of apps do you use, games or something different?

Probably 1 out of 100,000 developers make $1000 dollars a day, you see potential in this market? That’s like seeing potential in playing the lottery :wink:

Well if you been developing apps for years and yet can’t hit 500-1000$ daily, then you are doing something wrong on your side, obviously that “1 out of 100,000 developers” is doing something right and not only creating apps and expecting to get in top with ease, promotion is key in every niche so it is in apps!

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Clearly you have no idea of what you’re talking about

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no more power to you brother, all I’m saying is that when you have an agenda attached to your testimonials then one has to question the motive. Same goes for someone with a startapp referral in their signature professing how great they are. But I do support your enthusiasm

[QUOTE=Steffan Max;44329]Have many apps do you have? have long have you been developed apps? Do you have Cross-Platfor

I think a lot of developers on here are making rent, but getting to a $1k/day mark is pretty hard these days.

Its becoming increasingly harder and harder to reach the top, and its definitely a “winner take all” situation. The top 3 apps are making 90% of the revenue, the rest are competing with each other over the remaining 10% of revenues.

A lot of it has to do with how the market presents apps, the top list is a horrible way to discover great apps, but that’s the only thing available to main stream traffic.

Also not everyone is advertising on the forum how much they make. You can read between the lines sometimes though.