How many new apps per day or days per app?

Can you share this info?
How many new apps do release every day, or how much days does it take to create a new app for you?

On my side - about 1 app for 7 days, as I work alone.

At least half a year for a large game.
3 months for a polished smaller game.
1-2 months for a quick small game.

I try to polish them as much as I can. Maybe because I’m Polish (forgive the bad pun). :wink:

Really bad one :smiley:

:D:D Nice Polish

How much revenue per day you get from an App/Game completed in 7 days.

I took 3 months for 1st App.
21 days for second.
third one is going on for last 1 week. may take another 1 week.

There is no rule.
The puzzle games I made lately give about $2-3/d per app.
But for example simple widget app that took 5 hours to make gives $30/d …

I made 1 or 2/day, but simple apps, earning not so great, like 0.1/apps…

People release apps everyday? What the hell. What kind of apps? If this is the case, no wonder Google is making new rules. An app per day is just spam

One app per day, with screenshots, icon and description? I’m impressed :slight_smile: