How many downloads i need to come in the top 500 ?? in google or apple store?

How many downloads i need to come in the top 500 ?? in google or apple store?

42 (fourty two)

you made me laugh :wink:

noo, i think it should be 134!

only 134 downloads really ??
I think about 10k downloads??

That depends upon category to category,app/games,ios/android,country by country.Yet can say approximately daily 1000-2000 downloads for 30 days can reach u in top 500.

Hi there,
It highly depends on the country of course. For the U.S. it takes on a typical day 25k downloads to hit the Top Overall 50 free (November iPhone data), 45k to hit the top 25 and 80k to hit the top 10. For other countries this is number is significantly lower. For example, in France an app would need, 3k (top 50), 5k (top 25), 10k (top 10).

Here, there isnt any fixed criteria dude. as someone has mentioned above, it is different with the different kinds of apps. In fact your require a lot more for getting up if you have a game to offer. There are still some niches which are not too much competitive. However I believe a real hot app makes it way through by itself. So try to invest more time on the quality of your app

Like what @promo87 said. My data for ranking is closed to what he said.

Hi, you are right, the downloads affect the app ranking in app stores, but it’s not the only element, there are many factors afect the app ranking, you can boost your app rankings through the methods.

Get positive Reviews & Ratings
Apps with higher star ratings and more reviews typically rank better in the app store. One of the best ways to increase the number of reviews for your app is to ask for reviews inside the app. A certain amount of positive reviews also help to attract more users to download your app. Good reviews will notify those potential users that your app is high recommended and good reviewed by other users, which will help to generate more installations.

App Store optimization
App Store Optimization (ASO) is the SEO of the App world, and a key part of mobile app marketing. The more you can do to optimize your App store listing page, the better your App will rank in the App stores – making it easier for potential users to discover you. You can do it from the following aspects:
Optimizing app title
Optimizing app keywords
Optimizing app description
Optimizing app screenshots

Understand The App Stores
Both the App Store and Google play have some differences that are important to understand, however they are constantly changing, so it’s important to pay attention to their trends. While both serve the same ultimate purpose, each put a stronger emphasis on different elements that are vital to fully understand in order for your app store optimization efforts to work correctly.

Downloads rate
If an app store sees that almost every person that comes to your app’ s page is downloading your app, chances are you’re going to go up in the rankings. You can increase the download rate by creating a quality title, attractive icon, screenshots and description.

Engagement and Retention
User retention will affect the app ranking, the App Store values users’ engagement and feelings. To do this, you will have to find out what your users think about your app and what they love. You can discuss with your app fans to listen to their voice to make an app they love.

Regularly Update and Upgrade
Keep a regular update for your app, one side, it sends a signal to the app store and let them know you are keeping spending time and energy in improving your app experience. This is very helpful to maintain and boost your app ranking.

I hope this has been helpful.

Hello, there!

I have answered this question on the other place, there are some details at below:

According to your question, I have disposed some relevant data of the 10 biggest countries, hope it can help you a lot. With the data is not settled, so you just regard the following data as reference factors(just for iOS App store)

United States – Top 10: 80,000; Top 25: 45,000; Top 50: 25,000

China — Top 10: 30,000; Top 25: 15,000; Top 50: 10,000

Canada – Top 10: 9,000; Top 25: 4,000; Top 50: 2,000

Japan – Top 10: 20,000; Top 25: 9,000; Top 50: 6,000

South Korea – Top 10: 20,000; Top 25: 9,000; Top 50: 5,000

United Kingdom – Top 10: 18,000; Top 25: 8,000; Top 50: 5,000

Germany – Top 10: 12,000; Top 25: 5,000; Top 50: 3,000

France – Top 10: 10,000; Top 25: 5,000; Top 50: 3,000

Italy – Top 10: 8,000; Top 25: 4,000; Top 50: 2,000

Australia – Top 10: 8,000; Top 25: 4,000; Top 50: 2,000

After knowing the data of downloads to get into the top of the Apple’s App Store, you have to spare no effort to get more app installs with effective methods. App store optimization is the most effective method to make your app more visible in app stores.Besides, you have to increase the exposure rate of your app with effective app marketing methods. If you have enough budget, advertising is the most useful method that I want to recommend to you. The popular social media platforms and forums are the precious resource to use!

Thanks for the information, helped out, also interested in this question, could not find the answer anywhere

This is my 4 Days old Game app’s ranking.
I have around 140+ Indian installs
20+ Brazil Installs.

I’m in between 60-70th rank on India’s Trending Apps.

As for top 500, it’s useless if your app rank out of top 20.Because most people just scan the top 20(even less).
So if you want to get much more download, your app ranking need to reach to top 20, at least. The much higher it ranks, the more downloads will generate.
Based on my experience, the most efficient way to boost app ranking is buying keyword search installs, which can boost app ranking in 8~10hours.
As for how many keyword search isntalls we need to reach top 20, it depends on the keyword competition, the ranking of low copmetition keywords are easily improved.
Of course, besides the competition, you also should take relevance and traffic into consideration.

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