How many downloads do I need to boost new android game?


I am launching new Android game (Racing) next week. ASO and Localization in 5 languages done.

I am not going to use Incentive installs, keyword installs and paid reviews & ratings.

Going to use Facebook ads to get installs. Budget around $800

How many downloads should I send in beginning to boost ?
Should I send only US installs or Mixed ?

Thanks :rolleyes:

Hello, guys!
in terms of your question, I have summarized in the following points:

  1. according to the situation that your app is new to users, the app installs more is better. You have to spare no effort to make your app more popular so that audiences can find your app easily.

  2. I have read you are not going to use incentive installs to improve your app, but you have to realize the importance of app store optimization(ASO), which is an effective method to boost your app ranking in app stores. About the details of ASO, I have introduced it in other posts before, you can learn about useful information from it.

  3. according to your question, I have learn about you want to advertising your app in some social media to improve your app. Of course, we have to admit that advertising is the most effective method to popularize your app. There are some tips about advertising at below:

Find the targeted users: you should make a survey to find the targeted users before advertising your app. If you put your advertisement in anywhere blandly, the result will let you down for you have wasted much money but nothing in return.

Optimize the content of advertisement: if the advertisement of your app is interesting and valued, of course, your app will get more installs in return. Therefore, it is crucial for you to create attractive content of advertisement. You can design the style of advertisement depending on the interests of targeted users.

Advertising from different channels: there are many methods of advertising, including online and offline advertising. You should combine with these two channels to promote your app. In terms of the online advertising, you can put your app link in some popular social media platforms, forums and other special but relevant websites. About the offline advertising, creating attractive poster and advertising in some people-crowded places are the methods that want to recommend for you.

  1. about your final question, does it mean that you just published your app toward US? if so, I suggest you translate your app into different types so that you can get more potential users all over the world.

Hope these method can help you a lot, if you have any problem about app store optimization, feel free to contact me!