How many active users you need to make in app advertisement worth to implement?

Hi, I’m totally new to adverstising, so I’m just looking around for now. However, first and most important question I have is - if it’s worth to do, if you have for example only 20 000 installs and 50% of them active users? Or in other words, can somebody post something REAL LIFE numbers like:

(active installs)/(earned money through ads)


(installs per month)/(earned money through ads per month)

or any other ratios?

I know numbers may (and will) differ a lot, depending on many factors, but at least I will make some very approximate picture.

Thanks a lot


It heavily depends on how you define an ‘active user’. I’ll just assume that you are using GPlay’s standard which means that your ‘active users’ are people that still have your app installed. This really means nothing as a metric, only that x users have not uninstalled your app. Maybe use something like flurry that defines an active user differently… an active user is a user that has opened the app within the past x days.

(installs per month)/(earned money through ads per month)


% Activate users are around 40%. (40% of them live in USA) This is Feb report, half first month I used Airpush, Admob, StartApp. Because of some bad reviews, I removed Startapp in almost apps. At the moment, the rating average is 4.1.

Hope it can help

pretty impressive numbers…Well, looking to your fantastic downloads it looks like I can’t make enough money with my app - it is widget, so the only place where to put ads would be widget settings - but I assume that’s place which user visits maximum 1x per day, if not less :slight_smile: My numbers:

15 000 total installs, 5 000 active installs and ~ 4-5000 new installs per month (however still increasing)

I guess with this downloads (+ widget “disadvantage” issue) I can make like 0-20 USD per month at most :smiley:

keep working with a target in mind.