How long it takes an app to shows ads?

Hi! I have a question. How long it takes an app to shows ads? The question is caused while I testing my app on my mobile, and friend’s mobile too. The ads can take about 5minutes or more :S to show, I’m using only admob for now, it’s normal? Maybe don’t be available campaigns? I see this for two days.

If I have to add a new ad network, (little banners how admob) which do you recomend me?

If you go to your AdMob dashboard, what is the fill rate? Maybe your app is requesting lots of ads, but failing most of the time. This could be why it’s taking 5 minutes to finally show an ad.

The fill rate today is 99.97%, I think that no haven’t got ad campaigns for my country or something. :S The informs say that today have 490 impressions, but nothing shows from my mobile (wifi) or mi sister mobile (3g)…

Edit: Today not show ads, not is taken some tike, simplely not shows xd

Start it from Eclipse and look at the logcat output. admob does tell if it get’s an ad or not, and when not it tells you why.

Thanks the advice! I try in a little of time :slight_smile:

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