how long is the validation Airpush w8-ben ?

hello everyone
I work with airpush for 2 months , last month I won 50 dollar , but this month 700 dollar , therefore i add payment information since 20 day but this message is displayed : Account Status: Tax information not verified yet. this is normal or not . ?

This is not normal, you should contant them. I got my tax information verrified just about 5 hours after I submitted.

I think the email id is [email protected] or you can submit a ticket or have a live chat from within your dashboard

thinks …

airpush team : we could not verify your tax form since you have not mentioned your tax number (#7)
i don’t know what is (Foreign tax identifying number)

In your country, isn’t there some unique number given to you which is linked in all financial transactions and used when filing tax returns. If you didn’t get me, just search for “what is pan number in India”

If your country does not have a tax treaty with U.S. - or I think basically you are not linked to u.s. - you can essentially claim tax exemption.

The W8-BEN is usually for you to say to them that you are exempt from U.S. tax - perhaps you did not click the right checkboxes which is why they are asking for your home country tax info.

I had the same problem with the W8Ben form, when I submitted it in my tax info section they received an blank one. I have talked with Dally via email and I have sent a new form with my gov id and everything is ok now.

i contact airpush , and it’s ok

So you did not have to give them a tax number right ? Because the whole point of the W8-BEN is that you are not liable for U.S. taxes and so they cannot withhold tax on your revenues.

i just send my passeport copy and airpush validate my taxe information .
in my country the tax is not applicable .