How long i need to learn android development

Hellow devs, :slight_smile: i recently decided to learn java language to be able to build my own apps.
But i’m wondering how long i need to be able to create my unique app. :confused:
Could you tell me reffering to your experience how long does it take to learn it, knowing that i have only 1 free hour per day.
Additionally to this do you suggest a good source to start with? :confused:

Hi sarah,
It is not difficult to pick up java language especially if you have some programming foundation.
I’m a vb/ programmer and started playing around with making android games only this year.
I started off with a source code purchased from a developer and made some modifications to improve the game.
After which, I changed the Ad Network to StartApp which drastically improved my revenue.
It took me roughly 2 weeks to familiarise with java language mostly on weekends as I have a daytime job during weekdays.
I would recommend you to modify an existing source code instead of starting from scratch which is far more difficult in my opinion.

Do you have any experience programming before?

One hour a day is not much and depend on how fast and easy will you understand it to be able to learn it. I can’t tell from my experience, because I had long time working with Java and other programming languages before I started with Android (you need to add the Android layer, lifecycle, etc. And also you need to know XML).

Then it will depend on how complex you want your app… you need to build some easy ones, before starting real developing.

If you are planning to build games, you should ask some people about what tools and frameworks are they using, Unity, etc.

There are plenty of tutorials for Java and Android, and stackoverflow is the best place to search for any problem you may have.

I’d say it depends almost entirely on your existing programming experience. If you have none, I’m pretty sure an hour a day won’t get you anywhere.

You need 3 month to learn android if you are spending 1 hour per day.

1 hour per day is very short. :slight_smile: Sometimes my eclipse got some problem and I need to fix it for almost 45 minutes before i can start coding… :slight_smile:

if you encounter problem given that you just started java

search to google 10 - 20 minutes
debugging 30 minutes…
testing 20 minutes bla bla blah… :slight_smile: