How long do you give a new ad network to assess?

Hey folks, hope you are all good,

So I tend to switch ad networks over certain amounts of time, if they are low performing and I think there are better ones to use, but one question about that…How long do you realistically give the new ad network to prove itself?

So, a situation

App - currently uses ad network ‘a’ has been, for say, 2 months.

App - now switches to ad network ‘b’ and uploads the update to store.

At what point are you assessing network ‘b’'s performance against ‘a’ ? 2 days? 2 weeks? a month?

Also, for those who are unsure whether to drop A altogether to switch to B, do you prefer a 50:50 split? ie Show A on a boot, next time user boots, it shows B and so on… Is that a fair gauge to compare directly?

1st You have to have a good amount of impressions lets say 10,000 .

2nd Then after reaching that number take note of money like ADnetwork 1 made me $20 with 10,000 impressions.

3rd Now switch and use the next ADnetwork and keep using it till you reach the same amount of impressions.

4th Now compare

ADnetwork1 = $20 for 10,000 impressions
ADnetwork2 = $5 for 10,000 impressions

This is a great question, and Pixelpower has a good suggestion regarding having a large enough sample size.

I will also add that time is a factor too.

Let’s say you have a ton of DAUs, and you can easily drive 1,000,000 impressions per day. If you turn on Ad Network B, and drive 1,000,000 impressions, I don’t think it is a fair test.

I recommend giving an ad network at least two weeks to understand how they perform.

But, you should ask your rep! Reach out and ask how long it typically takes for them to run their onboarding process, optimization process, the numbers to settle down, and for you to see actual numbers.