how is my income?

hi all. few days ago I launched my first game (logic puzzle). I am slowly growing up in tops and after 6 days I have something like 100 daily installs. I will launch some promoting company on this week, but for now I would like to know, are these admob stats normal for ~1000 active users? This is bottom banner+interstitial every 4 level. Or maybe I sholud wait for more users and than think about monetizing?
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I tried admob also in my app but It is not performing well. Based on your stat( which I cannot see well because the image is so small) it is very low IMO.

Try experimenting on CPI networks like MobileCore and etc.

From what I can see your downloads are almost only from low tier countries, so your performance might not increase much, even if you switch to other networks. How high is your amount of US, Korean, Japanese and middle Europe users? If we’d know that we could give a better analysis. Also, how high is your banner ecpm and how is your interstitial ecpm?

This are my countries, in other I have only few installs.
This is is stat for interstitial and banner:

This are my countries. For other I have only few downloads (USA ~40, puzzle top 400)

This is stat for interstitial and banner:

Thanks, thats a lot better.
As far I can see your interstitial RPM is pretty good for your geo. I’d just increase the amount of interstitials a bit. 946 impressions is very low for your amount of users. Do you show an interstitial when your user opens the app a second time? Those ones are very effective.

I only show interstitials on every fouth restart and every fourth level (i.e. 1,4,8,12) and now I have 90 levels. No interstitials when user opens or closes the app. I don’t want to overload the user with ads but I think I can try add the interstitial when the app closes. BTW, today I earned 1,5$, maybe it will be better soon. thanks for the help.

Its good practice to make ads less predictable. Maybe you could give, for example 25% chance for interstitial on each level? Also, I think you should be counting time spent in game between levels. If user spends like ~5 - 10 minutes on some level, I think you should increase the chance to show an interstitial when he completes it.

Yep, I think that’s a good idea, thanks. My average session time is 3 min, so in these 3 min I need to show as many ads as I can, but it shouldn’t be annoying. What do you think about video ads? I have in-app items for sale, 6 pcs for 0.99$ and so on. In google analytics I see purchases, but no one in google wallet, so those purchases were fake. I saw in other games, that you can earn few free items, if you click to view the video ad.

Hi Kerisar,

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those are normal stats for those amount of users. even i have somewhat similar. PS do not switch to any other ad network and stick to ad-mobs and have patience.

thank you, now I am trying chartboost, with high cost per install and if it is not available - show the admob interstitial instead. I get 2-3$ from chartboost and 0.5-1$ from admob every day with 300 DAU.