How is Mobilecore performing on googleplay lately?

Hi guys I just started using Mobilecore after I caught Notifymob not counting AD impressions and Blake admitting that they limit counting impressions. I would like to know if Mobilecore is still performing well on googleplay , if you can share eCPM that would be very helpful. Thanks!

P.S. How often does their dashboard refresh ?

Not so bright for me for the last 30-40 days.

My traffic mainly from Brazil,Turkey,S.Arabia, Thailand and Indonesia.

However, they have great eCPM for UK, Netherlands and France.

The ads are very easy to misclick, quite the click ratio.

Thank you !! Thats the info I am looking for right there!! Just one other question how often does your dashboard refresh?

You also seem to have the close button bug. Did you notice any change in your user retention since you integrated Mobilecore? We’ve lost active users because of this problem and couldn’t continue to use it.

Every hour maybe? Also when the day resets your days earnings are set to 0 for a few hours so it’s confusing but it goes back to normal right after.

I don’t think there has been much change in user retention for me.

Retention for me is 30%

Month to date stat:

I think dashboard refresh every hour… I’m not sure because usually I look at the dashboard every end of the day.

CPM has dropped a lot since the start of the month for me:

My mobilecore dashboard is different. i only have revenue tab

Wow even with a drop , your still making decent money. That means at one point you were sitting on some good cash.

I’m seeing a similar drop lately. I’d say it’s seasonal

From the company who brought you “False eCPM” (read it here) comes the new HIT - False clicks!

Mobile Core are a not a bad netwrok at all. But pay attention to your revenues, people. Not eCPM. eCPM means nothing if they are lowring the impressions. And getting false clicks really disturbs the users (although if you know about it, it’s your choice).

@Pixelpower - I’m super proud of you getting someone to admit they were cheating on impressions. Really. It just means that I wasn’t wrong when I wrote that thread. So, thank you.

And guys - compare revenues! not only eCPM!

I only know this phenomenon from networks that are having very low fill rates in low tier countries and high fill rates in high tier countries, which is nullifying the bad ecpm from there and boosting the total ecpm. Is that what you mean? Or do you mean that those networks lie about the total impressions overall? Means, the ad was displayed, but never counted as shown impression?

Means, the ad was displayed, but never counted as shown impression?

This is true but I’m okay with this as long as they don’t lie about revenue… :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info, I didn’t expect that networks would do such sneaky tricks.

Somehow I feel like CPI based networks are a sinking ship. Looking at your clickrate you can see that your CTR is extremely low in high tier countries and seeing an ecpm of $3,80 from US is a huge letdown for me, especially because it’s a CPI network. I’m not used to see numbers this low. This is not only a seasonal thing. Most ad networks only show the same ads over and over. The amount of new big titles on the market is massively decreasing, the cost per install steadily increasing, which lets only a few big players survive in those networks. Games that are already advertised for a long time and everyone who is interested already owned once.

In the past years I never ever thought of using Admob, because it always used to perform worse than CPI based models and now I’m somehow forced to use it.

@Matthew and @A1ka1inE has 50% CTR in MobileCore, that’s extremly high, if it’s in Admob, surely your account will be banned. @romel_emperado’s CTR in MobileCore looks normal.

wow! thanks for the motivation. how much you earning daily from all your apps?

It’s not a bug. Their ads are very hard to close which makes users very angry. The close button is very small and even changes its place. I first started showing mobilecore ad on app launch which made my app users very angry and my app started getting a lot of 1 stars so now i am showing the ad on back button press(on exit) and my app users are seems to be okay with it

Well that’s not really an argument since Admob is CPC based and mobileCore is CPI.

mobileCore does produce higher CTRs in general, which is partly due to bugs and awkward close buttons (they utilize back button too, mind).
Then again their ads are attractive and the revenues are strong, which means people do install the apps.
Their newest SDK is better though, I just haven’t got it in all my apps with them yet.