How important role does app ratings play in App Store Optimization

In order to do a good App Store Optimization, app developers always pay attention on many parts, such as app title, icon, description, reviews and ratings, screenshots and videos, keywords and so on. These part have their own weight.

Today I want to introduce one of them, App Ratings - one of the important part for boosting your app rankings. There is a research show that one 1-star rating need four 5-star rating to make up for.

Why does app ratings so important?

1. App ratings show the quality of your app
Having much 4/5-star ratings show that your app’s function is perfect, it is worthy for users to keep it in their phone.

2. App ratings influence the download of your app.
Standing on the users’ position, when you want to download an app from many apps which have similar functions, which one is the best to choose? Of course users will choose the one with as much as possible 5-star ratings it have. Get more 4/5-star ratings can help get more download.

3. App ratings influence the ranking of your app.
Since the Apple App Store changed its ranking algorithm, we can see that those apps with star ratings above 4 have a certain degree of rise. However, for those below 3-star ratings, the rank is dramatically declining. The ratings of your app tells the App Store that your app is high recommended. There is a research show that one 1-star rating need four 5-star rating to make up for.

How to get more 4/5-star ratings?

1. Ensure the quality of your app
Only a quality app will finally attract and keep users using it, then the users will leave high ratings on your app. So, before launching your app in app stores, you should preoccupy yourself in creating a good app. A quality app should convey a developer’s core idea, benefit its users, possess compelling designs and complete functionality and be users-friendly.

2. Pop-up window
Pop-up window is the method that most app developers have used to get app reviews. But you should choose a right time. Do not do this when users just register your app or just use it a few minutes. For example, if you have a game app, choose the time when users play it after play some interesting levels.

3. Reward your users
An easy and powerful incentive is to reward your users if they choose to give high ratings for your app. Give they some game equipment if you create a game app.

4. Create some relevant community
Create some communities and make app developers join in this, help writing high ratings with each other.

5. Buy app ratings
It’s the most efficient way to get high ratings. Buy app ratings from reliable companies. They can provide high ratings writing from real users.