How important is perfect language?

i am currently making my first game and there isn’t many words on game (about 1000). My English isn’t perfect and I just wonder does it matter. Is it good enough that players can play the game or should I use $5 on fiverr and hire someone to read and correct all my text (using $5 isn’t problem, problem is that it takes time and I should go through all my code and locate words)? Do you have any clue is there like 5 out of 10 gamers who hate the game if there are grammar problems or are there just 1 out of 1000 who hate grammar problems? I believe that there are lot of people on this forum who doesn’t speak perfect English, have you had some problems with the language and how have you solved those problems?

My English level is upper-intermediate and from my experience it is enough for games. I never had bad review about language.

I don’t think it matters that much. I would release the game first and then ask someone to check for correctness - no need to hurry on that. Although the description should be perfect from the beginning - or at least close enough that native speakers won’t have problems understanding it and won’t have to cringe too much while reading.

I would agree with this. But one suggestion I would make is to upload the game to your own website first if possible and ask some friends or contacts that have android phones to try it and test it. Along with testing you can ask some of them if there’s any problems with the English.

Ok, thanks, I don’t worry about my English anymore. Now I just buy some beer and call my friends to come over and try my game. I had forgotten that there are probably some things on my game which need some adjusting before releasing. Things that are clear and logical to me isn’t that for everyone.

By the way there are a site where you can post your website address and other people review your site, so you find out what could be better on your site. I just wonder why there isn’t same kind of service for mobile developers? Is it just because no one hasn’t made that kind of service yet or is it that it would be too risky for giving apps for reviewing (if you review a bad app then that developer could give you a bad review on playstore or your potential customers might get your app for free if they just registered on that site or you could find your app from piratebay more easily)?

In my opinion, it really depends on the app (type,quality, goals, etc). If it is a free game, it may not be that important. But what if it is a paid finance software? A spelling mistake is not serious itself, it is not going to produce any major misunderstood or confusion. But it may indirectly tell that the quality of the app is not the best… I will pay to check mine, which is going to be a puzzle game, and will also spend some money to translate it to other languages.

I have some bad review about grammar, but if you pay 5$ on fiverr, it’s not enough for perfect English.