How I got high ranking in Google play store for my music player.

Although google has not revealed how it calculates app ranks but there are few factors which play very important role in determining the rank.

First of all if you are a indie developer like me than you have only 30 days to make your fortune after you upload your app.
after 30 days the app will get locked at a particular no. of daily installs say around 200-250 and its very hard from this point to increase the daily install.

So buckle up for the 1st 30 days.

  • In the 1st 30 days 1st 2-3 days are very very important. Try to get as many downloads and reviews as possible.
  • No. of downloads will determine 60-70 percent of your ranking.
  • Review are very very important. I mean 2nd most important factor after downloads but sometimes even more( explained in next point).
  • Keywords in reviews are real ASO. It has more priority then the keywords in description.
  • Back links also matters.

PS: these points are applied by me and my app shows relatively higher compared to some of the well established apps in the market. Search for music player you will get my app in around 30- 35 position. Music player fabulous.

Will keep on adding more points. Please have a look at my app, I have launched a pro version.

Hi. I asked the same thing in another thread.

You state that the first 3days are the most important and are the days we should invest in marketing.

Another friend from this forum states that now the most important days to invest in marketing are the 4th and 5th days (�.html#post174611).

Were do you get information to support your statement?

Please note that I am not doubting neither your work nor his word. I’m trying to understand how is the logic of Google Play.