How I got 40 000 installs / day with app2top! Spended $700

App2top have one big fail - installs are limited to 8000+… and app isn’t opened even once. However, reviews and installs are real and fast.

I created app some time ago and went to app2top to promote it. Why I am telling you about it now but not in February? Because found something better and you can use this and bring me some cash from affiliate^^ lol

First day I didn’t get any organic install;/ second day also… but third day…bump… 600 installs and was constantly increamenting to 40k installs/day… now my installs for this are some 15k/day but still good. … hovewer, stopped business and haven’t more stats for this app.
I have now 1,2mln active installs, thx to app2top.


What I done? Custom text reviews. Each review have character limit of 2000 + 200 character title. I used it to make something like presell articles (known in SEO).
Presell article is 1000-2000 characters, short article full of keywords but written with natural language. It’s not keyword rank.

Works in Google Play?
Exactly! Many of apps are listed on weird keywords what they even haven’t in description or title, where they are? In user comments! Is that why some apps are listed on Clash of Clans keyword. It was natural, when Clash of Clan bought incent installs and people were writing in comments that they installed app only for CoC gems. How can I use it? To make your app stronger for your keywords.

App2top allows you to buy custom text reviews+stars+install+google+1 for $0,20 only

  1. When you created account, go:
  2. Add app, to insert your app into console
  3. Promote
  4. Manual
  5. Slide down and find reviews, right colummn to add custom text
  6. You have price counter in the footer, when you finish, pay for order
  7. Wait for reviews :wink:

What I observed?
CPI install isn’t strong as install+review+rate+google+1… second one is a lot stronger.
How much I spended?.. $700… $100/day o_O

ATTENTION! DON’T USE automatic comments! It’s more expensive and without your keywords or unique text, useless!

3500! with rich content almost 2000 characters… fckin hard work and amazing results!

Proof from my

how can you write 3500 reviews?

outsourcing - cheap copywriters

Those are not 40 000 installs per day but active users.
Old users + the new ones you got from advertising or organic search.

But it is not completely new users.
It is misleading title but hey the forum is full of Spam anyway good share.

I feel there is something fishy here.
I have seen many threads from Ramsixp where he offers premium content in his websites, along with ebooks until a 1000$ per piece.

If you can or have discovered a way to gain so many installs, I suppose you should be making a lot of money and you are not one of those that just share things for free.
So what is the real purpose behind this thread ?

Edit :
I just saw that your thread is full of your referral link.
You are really not making any cent that you went for referral programs ?

Waiting for your reply still :smiley:

Google has special category for app suspension.

  1. spam - download spam
  2. spam - rating review spam
    May not be exact same title as above but still they are aware of it

That’s not the point.
I was wondering why this user is sharing this method which he is saying got him thousands of installs for free.
All of what he sold here from services or eBooks they were all Black Hat but paid.
So maybe he is just running after referrals as App2top gives percentage of the money spent to affiliates.

To earn some additional cash and run perpetum mobile in my own campaigns? :slight_smile: Why Should I spend $ for CPI, when people from my affiliate link can earn campaing for me? It’s free… :expressionless:
BlackHat is slower because google fights with it, CPI is faster

It’s like $100 on the street, do you take it or avoid?
This forum is full of app2top refs, why to not get some part of cake?

Your post is so communist… “you have enough cash, stop it, you have enough”… never enough

yeah…google have it? clash of clan build on spam, they had incent campaings in cpa networks, don’t say bullshit, sorry :wink:

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You can at least be honest like this guys did.
They actually mentioned that it’s their referral link while you just embedded it.

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Who? Me?
lol just read carrefully my post there is info about in it

App2Top - promote android games and apps, rating, reviews, installs, downloads

As everyone has their own referral link… does it mean the service is really good? :smiley:

Yes, it is. If you at least add few comments in the first 2-3 days after the app is published, the app starts better.

Don’t reviews get removed easily from Google?
I tried a simple exchange review service and 3 of 4 reviews were removed…

I didn’t observe it (yet). But when I bought reviews on fiverr… yes - they were removed :frowning:

You could use my referral link instead! Oh wait… I don’t have one :stuck_out_tongue:

How can I give my won text for review. I mean the reviews will be given by users. So please explain a bit the process. thank you.