How I did zero dollar marketing for my app.

Zero dollar marketing. This what every one want and talks about when it comes to market a product without any marketing budget.
And why not getting users and customers for free is awesome when everyone else is spending tons in marketing. companies like pepsi spend more on marketing that product development.
So how to do zero dollar marketing. I will share my experience on how I got more that 10000 users within 20 days without spending a single dollar.
Please have a look at my app.
Music Player (Fabulous) - Android Apps on Google Play (

1.Make sure your product is usable and crash free. Yes it is very important. And test on as many devices as possible. If it crashes for whatever reasons people will not take a second to uninstall it.

2.Make your product visually compelling enough i.e if someone comes across it then they can’t resist trying it. If I would have to arrange according to order of importance:
Great Logo
Feature Graphic for play store- seriously its very very important
Screenshots-showing the most beautiful part of the app
Video-short and crisp (although my video itself is not upto mark)
A website-(Sample-

  1. Weather ready or not start at once and don’t stop mid way. This is very important because at times you will be mentally exhausted.

  2. Facebook.Join as many groups as possible. and go bang with spam. Don’t forget to add a thanks in your post. It will get you lot of likes. give people credit. (I learned this from Ankit Shrivastav)

  3. Submit your product to different websites such as Betalist, Product hunt etc. If it gets featured it will start getting high ranking in play store. My app got featured on Product Hunt and Mashable. Links are included in app store description.

6.Organic traffic. The King of all downloads is organic traffic that it will get from play store. This would be the main engine of your user acquaintance. Name your product intelligently and target the related keywords.
Make sure people get what the app does in one shot. And please avoid lengthy titles.

Will keep on elaborating my answer. Thanks all of you.

Here’s the link of google analytics screenshot.

Remember that “Execution is everything.”

When did you first launch this app in Google Play? if you don’t mind me asking.

This list of suggestions looks like the first things ever anybody does. It’s like saying: if you want to become a F1 champion, learn to drive. Probably it’s just another way to put his app name inside a forum.

I suppose to some people these might not be so obvious! They could use this list as a “to do” list. Also, knowing these and acting on them are two different things. (I always wanted to be a famous guitarist - I knew that I needed to buy a guitar first, but never did)

That’s ok, but it’s fair to know that these things won’t boost your app, it’s just the basics.
Not to mention the fact that the user says that he had more than 10000 users in 20 days: hard to believe for an app that has 1000-5000 downloads…

True - I wish I had that many downloads. I keep plugging away!

Following on from that, and listening to what others have said, I have just started and added a blog to my site.

How many download and review in a week?

Hey Fantastic! I just checked out your app in Google Play, and it looks great! Did you ever consider monetizing it with rewarded ads or an offer wall? Let me know if this is something that interests you. Thanks, AdscendIlyssa

The music player does actually kinda look great.

Hi yes play store only shows around 1000-5000 downloads. I have added the same answer on quora with a screenshot of google analytics. Please have a look.

have updated my answer all of you please have a look. and let me know in comments where does my answer lags behind:)