How have you marketed your app without actually paying any money

we have an education app and so far we have 8500 downlaods over 2 months, thinks that worked for us were localization, good local graphics, ASO, and social network marketing (without paying any thing)

share your ideas to help others , please state in which category your app belongs(doesnot matter if donot mention the name of the app), where and how do you market , and the actual results, with the methods you follow

Yes I have.

what methods did you follow

I used ASO, social, forms and got around 5000 installs with 1500 active users in the first month. In the second month, The certificate was damaged with no backup :slight_smile: and I changed the package name and started from zero again. I used same ASO, social, forms but I didn’t reach more than 2800 installs and 400 active users for the same period.

I’m currently working on incentive installs this month to evaluate the effectiveness of this procedure.

Until now, ranking is improving but keyword search ranking is moving very slowly compared to app category ranking and I think it is due to then inefficient use of ASO.

How many active users do you have?

we have 4500 active users as per play store data, but analytics shows only 1200 users , everyday , this is very confusing,

for your app change the description and title a little bit find better working keywords that might help with second app

These are the methods i used

thanks a lot ankit really helpful , now the second question how did you monetize, which adnetwroks worked for you and whats average daily revenue


good to know you are also an Indian , as i am

admob banner ads
last month the income was 4000$

good last month revenue from 4 apps, even though only one is doing really good , $ 103

I’m pretty new at this whole marketing thing myself and I’m not too sure what I should be doing. My game:
Just came out and I’m using a few review for review places and social media posts but I’m not sure how effective that is. This place called install4install Seems promising thought so I’ll update later with some results.

I would advise you to focus in promoting your app in forms, optimize your app description keywords and utilize the first month in improving your app, make sure it is bug free and add any missing feature. Usually the first month is a good indication to see how your app perform and what needs to be improved or fixed.

Free way to promote your app , spammy but works:

  1. make Instagram account for your app, put 5-10 screenshots of the app as pictures and link to the Play Store in the profile bio
  2. Find users in your app’s niche - example - your app is about Cristiano Ronaldo - search for users who follow him and liked his pictures
  3. Follow those users and like a few of their pictures to attract attention to your profile and your app

you can follow safely 500 a day, half will have android so = potential customers to download your app.

This can be done with Twitter too

where did you learn to make an android player from, any tutorials for learning

Great content! There’s another technique that is crosspromoting with other developers, i use tappx community that basically is like having developers friends with the ones you exchange traffic (i promote them and they promote me in exchange). They also offer monetization for the largest apps and they improved my ecpm while before i was using admob and inmobi (they have a bunch of networks pluged in or something similar). Bests and good luck! Thannks again for that shared post!

you can spam forums, facbeook groups

You can get 100+ downloads for free by posting your app in popular forums like

Hello, guys!
I have read your question and summarized your confusion as following 2 point:

1. how to market app with limited budget:

If you have not enough budget, you can focus on these methods at below:

bsocial media[/b]: you can advertise your app in some social media, like Facebook,Instagram. Adding some friends about app developer to share the experience and idea with them. Of course, you can reply relevant post in some forum to advertise your app, remembering put your app link in your reply.

bcontent*marking[/b]: you can write some relevant blogs and essays to introduce your app, raising the publicity of your app

bcross promotion[/b]: if you have published more app that have received good responses, you can use the platform completely to advertise your app, because the potential audiences are the precious resources for your new app.

b*special website[/b]: you can put your app on some special websites, like classified sites and review sites. The installs will increased when audience browsing these websites.

(5)you can optimize the*name, icon, description and screenshots*of your app to attract much more potential audiences and get more installs.

(6) you can*invite your friends and relatives*to install your app, and then they will advertise your app in their friend circle, which can increase your app installs effectively in return.

b offline marketing[/b]:you can advertising your app in some people-crowded places to attractive more potential audiences so that get more installs of your app.

b brand feature[/b]: just like the brand of clothing, most people would like to accept the goods that have an attractive story about their products. You can imitate this methods to increasing your app exposure rate, too.

2. how to make money with effective methods
Get revenues is the final goal of app developers, hope the following methods can help you a lot:

With advertising monetization, the main secret lies in achieving balance between user experience and revenue goals. Standard banners and interstitials will generate more revenue, but they will also distract users. Native-looking ads are more user-friendly, less disruptive, and can be blended into an app’s content.

b. Freemium[/b]
This model works well in high-volume markets where a large amount of users can be acquired. Users are attracted by an app’s features, functionality, or content and will then pay for additional tools or premium features. The main advantage of Freemium is that it can be adapted to any vertical and align with any user base. App owners can sell additional time, content, an ad-free version, upgrades, etc.

b. Subscription[/b]
Subscription is ideal for apps that focus on providing services. When users get hooked on content or features, they will become a source of recurring revenue for an app owner. The app should continuously provide value for users to continue their subscription. It’s important to determine the right time and place for setting up a paid limit inside of an app (i.e. what part of the app’s content/feature should remain free and attract potential users?). The subscription model is based on loyalty and engagement and requires expertise in user acquisition.

b find the targeted audiences[/b]: you should find the potential audiences of your app, and introduce your app with them and cooperate with them, for the service that they need is just your app can provide. Find the right development direction of your app is the first step to success.

b time-limited installs[/b]: you can create a advertisement to show that your app will be installed free with limited time, the audiences would to download your app in time for they are curious about what kind of app is so popular to average people.

b integral wall[/b]: you can make use of the integral wall to advertise your app, which is an indirect way to popularize your app and get more app installs.

Wish these methods can help you a lot!
If you have any problem about app promotion, you can collaborate with a reliable app store optimization company to help you!