How has push notification ad ban affected you?

Hey guys, I’m a tech journalist working for the mobile marketing blog MobyAffiliates (Blog)

I’m currently writing a feature/guide on the whole push notification ad ban by Google. I want to get an idea of how it’s affected developers - if it’s had any impact at all -, your opinion of the ad format, and what your ideas have been for making up lost revenue. Just wondering if anyone is up for answering a few Qs over email? We can give your app/company a little a plug in the article, or if you prefer to speak off the record then no problem.

Feel free to drop me a line - christopher[at]

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It helped android eco system tremendously. It got rid of spammers and thieves from eco system.

See the Improvement in Quality of Apps in October here:

Number of available Android applications - AppBrain

I think it helped out the eco system as well, less garbage to compete against!

However, I think AppBrain’s graph up there is relative to the whole push notification industry. All the apps that used that form of advertising were considered “low quality” and since they are no longer in the market, does that really mean low quality is gone (I dont think so)… I think it means push notifications are gone, but the rest of crap apps are still on the market just without push notifications.

This x1000!!! So much garbage is gone now…like WOW…Seriously it use to be fucking mental on how much junk was on the market…Yeah yeah sure push was easy money but lets be realistic guys…you won’t last long-term on apps if you just constantly throw up crap

Lol, I might do that :slight_smile:

So no one fancies doing a little Q&A on the subject?

why not? its an open forum.
There are two lines of thought.
Mr @billyh and Mr. @A1ka1inE (pls. don’t take it personal, I am just telling this friend of ours as what has happened or at least what I have read on this forum)

Before push/icon ads were banned:
Mr. billyh: You developers have no right to live because you are spamming the users. Your families should get destroyed for pushing those ads. The user keeps on wondering how come this shitty stuff has landed on my phone. You developers will come to know one day that I am right.
Mr. A1ka1inE: We are not developing for free. We need money to sustain our life. You just shut up and jump off your roof if you don’t like apps with push/icon ads. These ad formats pay more than the traditional banner ads. We do show EULA to user so he can opt out of those ads. We also add proper description in play store.

After push/icon ads got banned:

Mr. billyh: Haha I told you. Now you need to remove those ads else you will get banned and won’t be able to fulfill your dream of becoming millionaire. Even if you spammy developers keep on spamming users with your low quality apps, you have no right to live.
Mr. A1ka1inE: Well, I have high quality apps with xxxxxxxx number of satisfied users and you have no right to interfere with what happens to me and my apps. Requirement is the mother of innovation and we got appwiz, widdit, pingjam, mobilecore

AND then you get banned for using SPAM Networks.

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As much as I appreciate being considered the exact opposite of @billyh, I believe you are exaggerating both of our viewpoints on controversial ad formats.

My current stance is this: I have lots of things in the Pipeline and soon, with a little luck and a lot more hard work I can viably re-shuffle my model to solely in-app formats.
The Android Ecosystem is quickly being pulled up tight by Google and I strongly feel that none of us have a choice but to adhere to their dictatorship. I plan on being totally in-app by Christmas and hopefully I can maintain that stance from there on wards.

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Fun Fact: I only use AdMob Interstitial and Banners, with MobileCore Interstitial.
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Let’s actually be honest here. At any point in this forum, what has been CONSTRUCTIVE that you have said? All you ever do is make SNIDE SARKY USELESS remarks at something you don’t agree with.

If you truly believe that certain methods of advertising are the wrong way, you know what a decent person would do? Provide some constructive methology on how to use save networks and still earn a good package.

Myself? I don’t need that as I already earn more than I ever did when I had a job for a living, and although I have been absent the last month, I like to think I add to a discussion.

Honestly? I don’t spam, I do only use AdMob and MobileCore, I don’t see the point in risking a policy breach. I don’t have anything against people who use out of app advertising. For once, do something constructive talk to people like they are a human being stop being a complete cunt all your life and actually make it worth having an account on this forum instead of sniping at developers who are also spending time making apps.

Your previous posts clearly showed you have interest in using out of app ads. Internet doesn’t forget.
Most members on this forum recommend out of app ads (Because they are advertising the said companies in their signature for referral money) without educating the innocent new developers of consequences. I did the job of showing what out of app ads are (and what out of apps ads developers need to be called - Spammers ). If you have a problem with that, its your problem :slight_smile:

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