How hard is to develop a Reward app?

I have some knowledge of Java, and just started using Android Studio. For now, it seems that Android Studio is way more than just pure Java. I would like to develop a cash/reward app. How hard it to develop one? Or should I make something simpler first?

Hi, guys!
Most app developer are unclear what should they do before they launch their app, because they fear that they would get fail before they have not prepared enough.Therefore, today I will introduce some tips about the preparation before launching your app.

(1)Test your app

Test your app on different phones to make sure it is suitable for any kind of screen size and the resolution. Besides, test it with different operating systems’ versions, especially with the lower versions. Ensure your app is compatible with a variety of operating systems.

(2)Creating a landing page

When potential users see your app or the advertisements of it, they need to a page where they can know details about your app. Therefore, before submiting your app, you need to create a landing page for it. You can also put a video or text description for your app to make your target users know your app well. This could invert them to your real users.

(3) Upload it on app stores

Survey shows that 80% users like to download Android apps on app stores, so if you want to get more users for your app then don’t hesitate to upload it on app stores.

(4) Learn about your app

you must learn about your app clearly before you submit your app, including the function and other features of your app, which can help you assure the targeted users of your app and find the right development direction of your app.

(5) Create a community

you can create a community of your app, the users can communicate with others in this platform, and you can find the potential problem of your app by reading the messages from the users and find the relevant solution to solve these problems.

After you launch your app, there is a long journey for you to promote your app. If you have any problem about app store optimization(keywords/ratings/reviews), please feel free to contact me!

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