How Google detect IMPERSONATION violation

My old account was terminated due to some apps got suspended. I tried to publish my unsuspended Apps(which are clean) to a new account. They are just collateral damage

But the app got rejected for “Copyright Infringement and Impersonation” violation.

The app was clean and not suspended from my old account before.
I change some graphics and package name, keystore, app name. It’s not feasible to reskin everything because it’s a very big app with so many layout, resources…

They don’t suspended this app of mine from the old Account, Why do they need to care whether some new app is similar to this one??? If the app was suspended due to some violation, I don’t mind.

They remove this app already why someone else can’t publish this app again??? We spend so much time to develop this app.

Impersonation usually happens when you use a brand name for your first title word and your icon or screenshots remember that brand.
Instead of “brand app” you need to use “app for brand”
And be careful with your description, impersonation is trully a pain in the ass.

Does the same resources, graphics used in the app considered impersonation?
I tried to change many graphics in the app already.

Then your problem must be on the title, be careful if you are google translating your title to other languages, sometimes it will translate to a brand name and your app will be suspended for impersonation.