How google connect the accounts?

I 've never banned by Google. So far this is my guest:

  • It’s maybe MAC when you use Chrome
  • It’s IP.
  • It’s IMEI/ID when you test apps with same device
  • It’s VCC/Phone
  • It’s same code/structure , package name (Violate spam policy)
  • Eclipse have statics and report with android plugins

I don’t think so! I have some apps with the same code structure, and I had a banned account with this apps and the other account with the same app structure still good.

Can you tell more detailed about these options

  1. What if i take for tests a device with repacked android os for chinese tablet for example. I know they cut a bunch of services from android that may send smthg to google. Have anyone experience with this?

  2. Code structure. What can be done to change this? Will Proguard help me? How to automaticaly messup source code?

  3. What exectly plugins do you mean? Cant they be shutted down?

1, IF Your code have admob and Google Analytics it still posible
2, Use Proguard can help, you can change your xml layout too lile android:id=“@+admob” to android:id=“@+Admob”
3, When first time Android Eclipse plugin install, it ask to send statics most of people press or and tick green check box. You can find it in setting of Eclipse

Guy’s let assume if we buy a Dev account from here or somewhere else… how do you guys manage the Merchant account side of it… Cos there we need to give our SSN,Address and bank details etc?

Thanks for sharing this information.

Bump, this thread has some very useful information. hopefully this bump will help get more information.

here is my contribution:

i had 2 android accounts, from same PC/IP, and same admob account. one got banned for simple copyright violation, the other one is still active.

i bought a 3rd account, uploaded the same app using only a different keystore/package ID. after exactly 1 week, google suspended account due to prior violations.

i have bought a 4th account, and will be waiting a whole week before uploading apps, see if the wait time helps.

at least try to change the code design, id’s inside the layouts, some variable names in java files, use proguard, different screenshots, and descriptions (and of course, different icon, that’s easy to match, if it exactly matches)

Maybe yhe best way is to make list of things we must to do to be 100% new to google

Ok lets try to make a full list to try to get 100% new.

*new ip
*hide the mac
*new virtual machine
*new google account
*new credit card from new person
*generate new key on virtual machine
*timing between publish
*code structure
*names and descriptions
*(how about the ads companys user ids?)
*maybe user location
*testing devices

any more to add?

I spent much time to get know about : timing between publish & testing devices… But now I finally avoid bans:)

What you mean with it? are you really sure your method works and stop with related accounts?

How about your method?

what you do? can you explain it step by step please? it will help us so much. Thankyou!!:wink:

My Account also got banned … i need to create a new account … give me tips on how to “F*** Google rules” on that … i don’t want another ass kick from google…

I heard from some users on the forum that they don’t accept anymore Virtual credit card to open new account so I want to ask does anyone successfuly opened new account with Virtual C.C. the last 2 weeks?

Today (18/10/2014) google banned 55 my accounts for prior. If anyone recieved chain bans this date (Friday) pls pm.

How this happened? Any app banned before? Any new upload? Please explain your history for us.

google canned a load of my accounts this week as well. don’t know how they connected them, nothing against the rules in some of them either, but they took them all. impressive

I would like to know if they were self created or bought from some seller?

all self created, real credit cards, not VCC. i had a system and google infiltrated it! i’m impressed and pissed. but no point complaining, time to get back on the horse. anyone want to compare notes, findings and tools, email me at me at

Crazy stuff. My backup plan is to create a new account at my cousin (his IP, my cheap backup computer, his credit card) and just access that same computer with Remote Desktop, when needed for uploading stuff to Google Play.

However, I still think that if you use a virtual machine (maybe VM’s also trigger a red flag at Google?) with a new IP (mobile internet access) and you don’t test your apps on any physical device, you should be fine.

EDIT: You’d also need to use a portable browser and never store history/cache. The same goes for Adobe Flash (clear data at all times). On the other hand, accessing GP with always a clean browser can maybe also trigger something at Google?