How google connect the accounts?

Can anyone elaborate what are the steps to be taken with testing devices? Are we talking about not having the apps from different accounts tested on the same emulator/devices?

Does it matter if they have no Google Analytics running on them?

Say if I have an unpublished app which I have tested on the same device as apps from other accounts, how do I rectify this? Change the package name before publishing?

Let’s share notes and keep this thread alive.

Many theories but the truth is one and only Mr. Google knows it.

If I could add a few theories too…

For general bans:
If you own a store for liquor and then somebody you know enters, then maybe you will have some chat and then he buys a bottle of your most expensive liquor and pays with brand new dollar bills and that’s ok with you but after he’s gone a stranger comes to the store and want to buy 10 bottles of the same expensive liquor and pays you with a bunch of the same brand new dollar bills would that look suspicious? What is the lesson of my story? When you buy a new account or just create one yourself with all new data and all… you are a stranger to Google. And you know Google is a giant and have so much data that he knows you better than your mama and when he sees a new stranger in town with no search history, no social history, nothing at all… and at the time the stranger tries to upload 12383948 apps well… that’s quite easy to track.

For chained bans:

  1. You may have used the same ad/publisher id from any ad company out there and they just linked them all… It’s very ease to track that actually…
  2. You may have used the same analytics/tracking with an id that is used in all your apps…
  3. You may have a link to your web server to get wallpapers/track app stats or whatever reason you have…
  4. Anything that connects one app with another across different accounts…
  5. Mass ban Filter?..
  6. The Google Bot was in a bad bad mood and you were the lucky guy…
  7. Don’t spam, Google is watching you! :slight_smile:

Google uses statistical analysis for EVERYTHING.

Correct answer.

I have another question which maybe useful to others.

I have two unpublished apps from two different accounts running on the same OS. Let’s call them App1Account1 and App2Account2.

Now if I were to take the code for App2Account2 and put it to my new PC with new OS and Eclipse. Then both apps are published. Let’s say if App1Account1 is suspended and subsequently Account1 terminated, will Google be able to detect that App2Account2 is related to App1Account1 just because they were on the same Eclipse installation before?

Anyone able to share their experience on my question above?