How does this even work?

Hey guys I’m just reaching out to find out if there are any other apps that when you play games you are paid in a monetary value. I currently use coin pop and I found it is successful they do pay you and I have received payment almost within 24 hours of requesting it. It is a European app so it does get paid in euros and converted to standard USD and deposited in PayPal. I’m looking to see if there are any other apps like this that I can start making you supposed to use when I’m killing time or in Apkcase Avg Cleaner Pro between waiting in line.

If your interested on coinpop i can share more as its pretty easy to use and can be done anywhere at anytime.

I like that coinpop tells me what i have to do to earn coins or how long i have to play a game to get compensation. It pays quickly and no issues loading games or getting payouts. I also do the cash show app and game quizes for beer money as well

Are there other apps out there that pay well and can be done with ease and not an excessive amount of work???

I have included there details below and link to get started if your interested in coinpopping