How does one get the Official Rep badge?

Hey mods,

How does one get the ‘official rep’ next to one’s name? I work at InMobi and frequent these forums. I’m thinking this way I can try and help out as many developers as possible.

Do let me know.


Its depends on your posts. So read forum rules and then follow guidelines.

Hi SohanM@,

Thanks for joining! Here are the requirements to get the “official rep” badge, if you’re representing an established ad network:
1.) Create a forum account using your company email address, or send an email to [email protected] to verify ownership of your account.
2.) Send me a PM stating that you’d like to be added as an official rep.

It’s quite a simple process, and the benefit is that people can see you have been verified as representing the company. In the future, we may also introduce different features for official reps (although at this stage the main difference is the badge). Feel free to reach out, and I can get you setup with this right away!


Thanks David!

Sending you a PM now :slight_smile: