How does new googles TOS effect you


So, as we all know, google has new TOS.

Here is topic where we will share how new googles TOS effected your business on play store.

Let me start. We will talk in few categories.

  1. What was your status before new TOS?
  2. What did you do
  3. What has happened to your installs / uninstalls?
  4. How is your revenue?

Does not affect me at all. Saw this coming from a LONG way away …

0. What was your status before new TOS? AirPush ads and few 1000 downloads of apps a day
1. What did you do Removed it from my apps and updated my app
2. What has happened to your installs / uninstalls? As far i can see, they are the same
3. How is your revenue? Will drop to 0 soon. 0 ads = 0 money :slight_smile:

I guess we will find out in some time.

Lets face it, if Google was strictly against Push Ads, Icon Drops etc, then it would simply ban such ads like iOS does. It would not have been a big deal for them since none of their revenue (admob) is generated through these ad units.

So, while some developers have taken Google’s new TOS as a ban on these ads and excluded these ads from the apps to be safe, there are still those that are continuing on with the changes.

Here’s the simple truth, Google requires you to have a proper procedure in place IF you’re using these ads. Users of your apps should know what they’re signing up for and not be surprised by Icons and notifications on their phones. So long as the user is informed via App Description, Opt Ins and app name in the ad, then you’re not doing anything wrong. I don’t know if you would need to use ALL of those ways to let user know or just one since Google requires it be ‘clear’ to the user where the ads are coming from. Definition of ‘clear’ is left up to the interpretation of you and I.

Now, for ads like Icon Drops, I’m not too sure. While providing the user the ability to opt in and opt out of such ad units does make you compliant, I’m a bit concerned about those changes not being controlled via ‘settings’ or ‘uninstalling’ the app permanently.

If I were a developer, I’d continue with Push Notifications once I had made the necessary changes (updating SDKs) especially if my revenue stream was highly dependent on the ads.

That is my personal take on the matter.

I was making quite some revenue from push ads but i have decided to remove them till further notice. I am not willing to risk my publisher account especially due to the fact that i have an app that was removed from google play several months ago. Google guys might just use this to kick me out. So, all my apps are now updated, no push or icon ads until further notice. I also removed tapjoy’s offer wall due to the ambiguity sorrounding its validity with respect to the new TOS. I am sure my revenue will be affected but i am trying new ad types and companies to try and diversify the income generation. I am playing around with app walls and interstitials during app start and exit to try and ensure i am well catered for and i don’t go hungry. But i think we will be fine.

Sorry to hear about your app removal.

Did Google actually tell you why they’re removing it specifically or did you just get that generic email?

And were there any warnings preceding the removal?

What about Push Notifications if you want to use them to promote your other apps? Is that allowed? I am not sure what to make of their Ad Policy Point 4:

Interfering with Third-party Ads and Websites
Ads associated with your app must not interfere with any ads on a third-party application.