How does MoPub works?

Hello everyone. Please forgive my english if you read something weird :s xD

So I finally decided to leave AdMob because of the low CPC that I have been getting for the last months (0.010).

I would like to try MoPub with some ad networks like Millenial Media, MobFox, Jumptap, and AdMob in last instance in case the other networks don’t send any ad.

I’ve been playing with the sdk and the control panel of MoPub. I added some networks, but how do I select what network I want to check for ads in first place, or second, or third… Or is this something that MoPub does automatically? In that case, how does MoPub select the ad to show? Looking for the ad with the higher CPC? :huh:

And can someone explain to me what is MoPub Marketplace and how does it works?

Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

MoPub has a bit of a strange interface :slight_smile: I don’t blame you for being confused. Basically this is how it works:

You can setup a number of Networks in MoPub. When you view one of the networks, it will let you configure the settings for this network in each of your apps. One of the fields you can fill in is the “CPM” field. That’s the most important one, as it impacts the order in which your ads are loaded.

When your app requests an ad, it looks through all the networks you have enabled for this app. It first picks the network with the highest CPM (where the CPM is the value entered by you in the network settings). It will try the network with the highest CPM first, then if that doesn’t load, it will continue to the next highest, and so on.

So basically - you set the CPM value for each of your networks, and MoPub tries the network with the highest CPM first.

MoPub Marketplace is just like AdMob - it’s an ad network which pays you. This is the actual ad-serving section of MoPub (while the other parts are all about mediation).

So if you want MoPub to pay you, enable the Marketplace and MoPub will show some of their own ads, as well as your mediation networks.

Thank you so much David, I understand everything better now :smiley:

Btw, my apps appears in MoPub with an “ad source” named "MoPub Demo Order >
MoPub Demo Line Item ". I guess that’s only for test purposes and it should be paused/archived, right?

Don’t forget you can create custom networks and add jscript tags to be loaded. This will allow you to get MoPub to load Leadbolt adverts!

Thanks mind, didn’t know that.

Just a question, leadbolt banners are CPC o CPA?

That’s correct. MoPub gives you a demo app and ad placement, which you can safely delete (or rename as you see fit).

Not sure about this one. If I had to guess, I’d say that LeadBolt ads are mostly - if not entirely - CPA. Advertisers are able to put chargebacks on your account, when they detect fraudulent activity. This tends to happen more often with CPA networks than CPM. And normally when I click a LeadBolt ad, it ends up on a CPA-style landing page. Have others had the same experience?

There was someone on the IRC yesterday who didn’t get revenue for all his clicks from Leadbolt which suggests that it’s mostly CPA. And same thing here:

However, I found this on their FAQ page, so it seems that you can also get CPC ads:
Q: “How can I choose CPC or CPA ads?”
A: “Due to advertisers offering different campaign types, and how the Leadbolt performance optimiser will pick the best performing offers, it is not possible to choose CPA or CPC campaigns.”

Quick question- Anyone get higher revenues with mopub and is it worth the trouble? Also if you hit 10m impressions do they instantly try to charge you?

I got email from MoPub a while back saying the 10mil cap no longer applies.

Thanks for the reply mind. :slight_smile: Not sure if I want to try them out yet. Currently getting 0.75 ecpm from millennial and that was a huge improvement over admob. Jumptap was getting me over a dollar but not sure if I’m down with net 90.

Well, with MoPub, you include the Millennial SDK and a native adapter. It has built in settings for Jumptap. Then you can choose whichever network to send your traffic to as many times a day as you want.

Or send them a percentage each or something… or add another network in without your users needing to upgrade.

What is the main difference between Mobclix an MoPub?
Which one has the best performance?

Mobclix is a RTB platform. Mopub is a mediator. They are completely different and do not do the same thing. They are not comparable.

So, after a few days testing MoPub I noticed something not working right.

Normally, MoPub loads an ad correctly, checking throught the different networks I set. But sometimes MoPub don’t load an ad at all, the logcat give this error:

MoPub server returned invalid response.
Ad failed to load.

And in the end I never get any ad from any network.

This behaviour happens frequently in a certain period of time (during this period aprox the 40% of requests are invalid). But for other moments of the day all requests seems to load fine.

Is this normal using MoPub? Or every single request should return an ad, or a least don’t find one, but not show that “server returned invalid response” message?

I haven’t noticed this problem before. Sounds like either a server issue for MoPub, or a bad network connection on your end.

I came with a solution for that problem. Just adding the loadAd method in the onAdFailed listener.

This way I always get an ad. But sometimes it takes 3 or 4 connections before MoPub loads the ad correctly.

Admob vs. Millennial Media ( …

I don’t know much about MoPub, but I have compared Admob with Millennial Media ( and the eCPMs were the same - around $0.36. So I just gave share to Admob.

Interesting thing about mmedia - their dashboard seems to give less info than Admob about the impressions, CTR etc.

Someone in above posts suggested higher eCPM - maybe I should consider reintroducing back again.

The tests were done by giving equal percentages to Admob and (via Admob mediation) - and seeing the revenues each generated (or the eCPM reported).

This is the fairest way it seems for comparing networks - i.e. give them equal time to display ads - and then see which does better.

This was for an app with 8,000-10,000 banner impressions per day.

With Admob mediation (I don’t know about MoPub) you can split traffic using percentage (as I mention above) or by “eCPM”. An important thing to clarify - this “eCPM” is NOT the actual eCPM or the mediation does not go in and find out what each network is giving - it is a totally artificial number that you set and is essentially a number YOU set to indicate priority.

So the ad network with the highest number you set for “eCPM” will be given first chance to show ad, if it fails it will move to next etc.

I only have Admob, and AppBrain (the banner version) and I initially gave equal 33% to them - and was seeing similar revenues for Admob and So switched to all-Admob (plus fill rate is high enough - or higher than - the AppBrain I then reduced because it seems to generate same revenues even if you present it less often (probably because overpresenting “More Apps” doesn’t inspire the user - and in fact having it appear occasionally among the Admob banner ads may make “More Apps” seem novel or something … ?).

Yeah, I have AppBrain set at 5% and it’s still doing as it was when it was set to 25%. :slight_smile: AppBrain kinda sticks out because it uses completely different colors than adMob.

That’s good to know :slight_smile:

Are you using the AppBrain interstitials at end-of-app (once every 3 days) also with the AppBrain banners ?

Maybe I will reduce AppBrain banner ads below 25% of banner time as well - may even improve novelty factor for the end-of-app interstitial.

Yes. I use both. So I can’t say for sure how the banners are doing (maybe people haven’t click on them when they were at 25% at all, but I doubt that).