How Does Google Play Value Reviews

Hi developers,

Reviews are one of the most valuable things your app can get to rise in the ranks. But, are the reviews all the same?

In a recent study, I read that Google Play doesn’t value all the reviews in the same way. Reviews that come from “one-time users” won’t really be valuable and taken into criteria, as much as a review from an active user.

This said, I would like to focus the attention to the places where you can buy and exchange fake reviews. Let me tell you to don’t ask too much for reviews from people that you know it will only review your app because you asked or gave something in return. Sometimes it will only harm your credibility.

Despite of avoiding the negative effects of the fake reviews, this won’t really make your path easier to promote your app and won’t be enough. You’re still needing reviews to boost it. Here’s my suggestion: put your app here and we, members, will nicely review the ones that we like and will use. We all know how difficult it is to raise in Google Play ranks, and having a great app is far from being enough. No one will dig deep enough to find it.

Hope to see great apps here!

I’ll start with my app (of course). Use this template to put yours:

App Name: Gaming Checklists
Directed to: Console and computer gamers who like to complete 100% of the games, finding collectibles, etc.
Store Page:

Thank you for this post Sergiomcc. Here is mine :

App Name: Nature Sounds, Sleep & Relax (by ZenApps)

Directed to: People who have insomnia or tinnitus problems, or just want some nature sounds to create an ambiance to relax or meditate. People can also create their personalized nature sound by mixing different tracks together. The app is translated in 7 laguages. All the translations have been done by native professional translators.

Store Page:

Give it a try or recommend it to someone who needs it.

Thank you

review my app i will reviews your … :slight_smile:

Hello and thank you very much for this thread,

Here is my app:


APPNAME: 8K Creative Commons

Directed to: Developers, photographers, blogger and all people, who want free and high quality images. Like the name already suggests, the app provides pictures in 8K Resolution, picture with the creative common license and free chiptune music.
there is also an upload function and a voting system.

Store Page:

rate mine and i will rate yours (-:

Thank you and good luck

Reviews that come from “one-time users” won’t really be valuable and taken into criteria, as much as a review from an active user.

Some proof link, please. Or it is an “IMHO”?

Please check out this app-
This is made for the same very purpose.

But remember:- Only genuine meaningful reviews will help the other developers. System will not accept fake reviews.


I’m new to the publishing apps world, and i have just submitted my first game! If any of you would be nice to rate it, i will return the favor.
App name: Dark Cave Runner
Directed to: Gamers, and casual gamers.
Store Page:

Let me know about any review!


App Name: Tiny Worm
Directed to: Cool and funny adventure game with little worm, special mode for kids (no ads in free version!), gameplay video available
Store Page:

Hi friends,
Here is my latest game.
Please PM me if you want to exchange review.

Directed to: If you like Tron, Asteroids & Space War, you will like this game!
Store Page: