How does admob native ads performing for you?

I want to implement some native ads for replacement of interstitial and banner ads. I wanted to know how is ecpm for native admob ads and also does it support mediation for other networks, especially facebook audiance network?

Admob has native ads???

Yes they have, here is the related help document.

They has native but it is in beta stage

This feature is currently in beta release to a limited group of publishers.

Hi dirhem

It is a very good thought replacing interstitials and banner ads with native ads to enhance your UX and your rates. I suggest to give Avocarrot a try as we are specializing only in native ads providing native in-list, in-feed, native interstitials and custom native ads.

If you want some ideas on how you can implement native ads in your app you can send me some screenshots of your app and I’ll customize them with Avocarrot native ads.

Have you tried Facebook’s Audience Network? They are by far the leader in native ads for mobile app on iOS/Android -

That’s all good information, but is there someone who could answer the original question? I would also be interested in first-hand information regarding the performance of native ads compared to banners and interstitials. It doesn’t help much if an ad company tells us fuzzy things like “typically performs much better”. I would like to hear that from a real developer providing real numbers because I have seen too many false promises in the past.

Admob Native ads are not beta anymore, anyone using them? Please share your experience with us.

Looks like almost nobody uses native ads. In another thread someone wrote the RPM is slightly better than for banners (don’t remember which thread it was).
Unless other people report completely different numbers, I will not use native ads. The effort for this is relatively hight and Admob currently doesn’t support mediation of native ads.
I don’t think it is a good idea to trust just a single vendor (even if it is Admob) without a possibility to have a backfill.

I will wait for MoPub to add them to their mediation… hope they will not take too long -_-

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Not bad so far for me…working well and click rate is also good and rpm is better than banner ads…