How do you spend your free time?

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I played football as I was a kid. Now it is not my cup of tea because I can’t run for so long. Now I am an adult and watch football sometimes but I don’t use my knowledge for betting

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I spend my free time at the gym or jogging, which helps me distract

I always go to the movies and watch dvds and tv with my friends or by myself (I dont think theres a movie i havent watched) When im bored i also like to go on the computer and chat with my friends.

I like hanging out with my friends/ family, and doing things with them like going to the mall. Me and my friends love every sport known to mankind so we always do that.

But i like to have time alone too . I love to sketch and paint. I also read A LOT, and with that comes my passion to write.

So basically my hobbies are:





tv/ movies


gym, always training in order to achieve high results

each person has their own preferences

For example, in my spare time studying numerology the foundations of which Pythagoras laid down is the determination of the abilities and character of a person based on his date of birth - i.e. certain numerical values.

New cars or constructors are great, and boys will prefer all products and role-playing games. They strive to throw out their endless energy without a trace, and for this, they will be perfectly helped by special sets By purchasing such playsets from the catalog, parents help the boys diversify and make games more meaningful.

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I like taking photos! Mostly photos of nature and macro. If someone’s interested, here’s a good editing software:

For many people, sports betting is their main source of livelihood, so they take the business seriously.

I Spend my free time in Park to observe nature. With it I feel Relaxed.

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I spend my spare time listening to music on Spotify Web Player.

Is spotify enough to pass leisure time ?

I use my free time to observe nature through comic books. It makes me feel at ease. I’ve read somewhere about reaperscans. The comic Adeline’s Twilight was quite good. Adeline was killed by the man she loves, but she went back in time to the day of their wedding.Her twilight had only begun, preventing a repeat of her demise.Visit Here: Reaperscans