How do you organize/manage your apps?

Hey guys!

I want to know how you people work in terms of managing your apps. I know my setup might be OK for the time being, but I want something more sophisticated.
What I mean by managing is how you know which apps have which package names, what ads each one got, in which stores they exist, at what version, what payments you received, etc. I do not care with product management such as at what state of each app I am, etc.

I will analyze my setup now:

I have an excel spreadsheet that lists:
App Name, App package name, last version, platform used for the app, app style (for example live wallpapers or native apps), ad networks and which ad units, one column for each of the android stores I use (in each row I input the version of the app running there), App ID, a small column for fast notes.

In other spreadsheets of the same file, I input payments from ad networks, Screenshots needed for each store, links for each store, and some sort of diary with important notes regarding accounts etc.

I am looking to convert to a database soon. This excel is becoming clustered, ugly, inconvenient. However, I am not good with database software such as Access and as far as I looked into it it cannot do exactly what I want. it can do some of what I want but not all.

So, what do you use? Any suggestions for me?

Hi there, Apps management needs a proper practice and a well planned vision.You can connect to our tech support team who provide free tech support.

You do not help in any way.
I expected some people to pop in and share some insight, let ideas exchange. Managing our business is sometimes as important as developing apps.
But it’s easy to have a good thread lost in an ocean of review exchanges, leo spam, source codes selling, etc.
Oh well…

I have seen @promo87 just promoting their site in many threads, yours was just another victim to sum up.

Regarding managing apps, indeed it is as important as developing, even more if you have many of them in your hands. As I don’t have many apps, I just have a spreadsheet to keep control of invoices, so later I don’t have problems to declare and pay taxes.

Whatever you can do with databases, you will be able to do manually with spreadsheets. My suggestion, instead of having many apps in one spreadsheet, you should have one for each app.

Thanks for your comment. One spreadsheet for each app is not convenient with many apps (anything more than 20 I think would be too messy).
Imagine you are trying to check your app portfolio to find out which app needs an update. Having one spreadsheet or database will indicate the dates of the last version fast.

What I mean is that in order for many spreadsheets to work OK, you would need a centralised spreadsheet to coordinate them.

I use spreadsheets too… but I was hoping for a solution that would be less awkward.