How Do You Know You App Will Get Downloads?

Hello, I just launched an Android app, but so I far I’ve got zero downloads. I kind of expected this since my app is pretty simple, and I just launched it just for the experience.

I want my next app to have at least a hundred downloads… I’m not even asking for much. What are some ways you guys determine an app idea is a good one?

The one the people looks for. It’s why indie developers have problems with innovative apps/games, because none thinks about looking for something like that. Without proper marketing it’s easier to get downloads from next snake/mario/angry birds/whatever than from something innovative. So make something that people may search for but is not yet covered with lot of other similiar apps.

Two options:

  • New/innovative/whatever … nobody knows about it and nobody is searching for it
  • Clone existing game that already has > 10 million installs… how did this work out for Zynga ?

Yeah, we all know which one is more fun/exciting/etc. But which one makes money ?

Extrapolating to any industry, both (innovation vs efficiency) makes money if you apply the right strategy for it. Personally, I will always try to choose the innovation path, but i also have to consider what i got in terms of skills and resources. Since i am just beginning with android games development, i am “training” with not so innovative games for now, while gaining experience and knowledge of the industry.

movies, tv, songs apps get good number of installs generally. Religious apps with localized text are also good to develop.

I think I will call my next app just a single word that gets searched a lot. I’m not sure how I’ll do because of the competition though. Is it possible to rank for multiple keywords based on your copy? By the way, my first app now has a measly 3 downloads :frowning:

Oh, ans is having 10 daily downloads a hige feat? Or would you say it’s pretty common?

you surely will reach 100 DLs til the end of the year, every app that is not totally stupid gets them.

pls send me the link of your app, I currently plan to recommend some YT channels / developer pages of my friends and partners. maybe your app fits there