How do you earn from amazon?

Hello friends,
Can you tell all possible way for an android developer to earn from amazon?
Sorry for the newbie question. :slight_smile:
Thank you in advance.

They have their own ads network (low fillrate, decent ecpm) and you can sell your apps there too.
IAP as well.
Sometimes they offer cool bonuses, like extra promotion for your app for free if it fulfills some criteria they set.
What else would you like to know?

Thank you very much @Anteos for your reply.
I’d like to know if I can mediate their ads with Admob or not? If not can I yous them both in my app and how?

I think they are among the ads networks that admob can mediate. But have not done it before.
You can use them alongside admob, why not. Same as other ad networks. Maybe use an admob banner here, an amazon banner there. Or maybe split impressions within the content of the app. Mediation would be best though, as I said amazon has low fillrate, mainly because they operate in UK USA Japan mostly.

Unfortunately they are not, and I’m searching for any implementation for the mediation but I can’t find.

Sorry for that - maybe someone else can help you then.

Their ad network sucks. Horrible fill. OK CPMs.
Nearly got a job there. They flew up me up and bought me lunch and drilled me with questions.
I posted all of my apps on there for $.99 a while ago. Make decent money for doing nothing afterwards. - Last month. Sold includes free downloads.