How do you do THIS in 2015?

Hi all,

Have you seen this game?

First of all I must say congratulations to the dev. But this game really makes me wonder:

  1. There are tons of games like this in GP.
  2. Description very brief - so not very ASO oriented.
  3. Quality - well the rankings are really good but frankly the UI is just basic (works ok though) and car models are seen many times in other games (car pack from Unity Asset Store). To be fair the game works well, movement of the cars is smooth.
  4. Never featured by GP
  5. No social features like achievements or leaderboards
  6. No share buttons and so on

but still… more than 500000 downloads in slightly more than a month?

It reminds me of 2013 and early 2014 but…

How do you do this in 2015?

Even I want to know the answer?

Bought bot downloads?

Can’t google play recognize bots?

May be incentive downloads and got top ranking and got organic downloads for few days. After that ranking got reduced. Just a guess!!!

With such poor game? I very much doubt it. Probably a lot of bots downloading. Not many real users or revenue.

That developer has another app with 5 to 10 mil downloads:

The domain associated to that developer profile belongs to a company called micro media d.o.o. (d.o.o. is like a “ltd”) from Croatia.
I’ve searched the official public business records and official public IRS statements of that company. It was registered in July of 2013 by 2 guys with the same last name so I’m guessing they’re family. :slight_smile:
For 2013 they declared a revenue of 123,000 HRK and 67,000 HRK profit (before the “year-end” tax). This equates to approx 18k USD or 16k EUR in revenues and 10k USD or 9k EUR in profit.
Since that is barely enough to pay for 1 employee salary (mandatory medical, social etc.) even for Croatia I’m guessing the company has 1 employee @ minimum wage. Public IRS statements for 2014 should have been submitted by the end of March. Reason why there’s no data online is that the company might not have submitted it, have a special extension from the IRS or it’s going under. I expect it to be available online by the end of this month.
The same company is registered for IT services as it’s main function but also for hotel managment, vacation rentals, transport and a whole lot of other non-IT business. It is common to register a company in Croatia for other business services which you don’t plan on providing since that registration costs the same if you register for 1 service or 10 services. Basically you save $$$ if you decide to build a condo development on the coast from all that android money :slight_smile:

I think those downloads are fake but until the financial statement for 2014 is available online we won’t know for sure.

Another thought comes to my mind… I could call them :slight_smile:

Wow. Great research!! It sounds like now you know about the company more than the owner :stuck_out_tongue: Just kidding. Seriously awesome.