How do I refund money if pricing was incorrect?

A customer from Romenia bougth an app of mine for a price that was three times to high. I noticed that the conversion rate from dollar to Romenian currency Ron was wrongly filled in. I suppose that this was done automatically, because I trusted the automation of Google in this respect. There is not that much money involved, but the living standard in Romenia is very modest (the app was bought for about 10 dollars ), so I feel kind of obliged to this person to let him or her know that it was a mistake, and I want to refund the extra payed money. But how can I do this? Is there a way to get into contact with a customer, or let Google know to refund or something like that?

I found out how to refund. In the Google Wallet, click on the order, and find top right the button ‘refund’. I should have looked better before asking.

What was the app about if you got people to pay $10 :slight_smile:

Oh ok, it does seem to be a quality app.

Sorry I’m new to paid apps, in fact I released my first about two weeks ago. If I do a refund as above will the user still own the app and be able to use it (which is what I want)?

I did not get any complaint from this customer, so I assume the app still functioned after refund.